Mythbuster: Natalie Shelton

Helping a small Idaho community get the facts on being drug-free.

Natalie lives in a small Idaho community that lacks resources that are more readily available in other areas of the state.  But that doesn't stop her from making a difference in her community. 

Active in the Idaho Meth Project, Natalie has traveled several hours just to make it to an event and contribute to spreading the Not Even Once message in other communities that neighbor hers.

Natalie is a member of the Idaho Meth Project's Teen Advisory Council, a position she was selected for after applying last summer. 

"She is a delightful young person with a thoughtful and enthusiastic attitude.  Natalie is someone I can count on to follow through with projects and ensure that things are done to the best of her ability.  I'm excited to see where life takes Natalie - she is one to watch!" says nominator Sophie Dresser, program coordinator of Idaho Meth Project.

The Idaho Meth Project is a nonprofit organization that implements large-scale, research-based campaigns and community action programs to reduce methamphetamine use in the state. Central to its integrated campaigns is, a definitive source for information about Meth for teens.