Mythbuster: Sadera Schultz

A member of the Idaho Meth Project.

Sadera has seen her fair share of 'real life' and certainly walks away from tough experiences with her head held high.  Sadera believes in the power of prevention and the importance of education.  Through the Idaho Meth Project, she works diligently in her small community in Idaho to spread awareness about the dangers of substance abuse. 

"Sadera has a big heart and an even bigger drive to do big things," says nominator Sophie Dresser.

This August, Sophie traveled with Sadera to a SAMHSA conference on youth recovery in Washington D.C.  "We were the only members of the conference that worked in prevention and while most teens would feel 'out of their element,' Sadera took it in stride," says Sophie.  "She never held back in sharing her thoughts an insight as a contributor at a 'big kid' conference where many in the room were adults. Sadera was open and enthusiastic to share her ideas."

"I'm proud to know Sadera and thankful to have been able to meet such a dynamic young person who makes me job a whole lot of fun and very rewarding to boot," says Sophie.

The Idaho Meth Project is a nonprofit organization that implements large-scale, research-based campaigns and community action programs to reduce methamphetamine use in the state. Central to its integrated campaigns is, a definitive source for information about Meth for teens.