Mythbuster: Sarah Ghan

A young woman who beat depression and addiction to guide others to healthy lifestyles through a 5-year plan for child and youth centers.

Sarah is a young woman who sank into a bout of depression back in 2010, and turned to drugs and alcohol. She spent an entire year spinning downwards, then one day she was able to kick her addictions cold turkey.

Now three years later she has been 100 percent sober, is a new mom, a Christian youth group leader for her church, and a Program Director for Narthex Youth Center, a non-profit center for at-risk youth in her hometown of Mesa, AZ. She holds group sessions with her youth group and other teens about the risks and dangers of using drugs, and of myths and keeping secrets.

She has been able to overcome the many obstacles thrown at her, and will graduate this May 2014 with a degree in Art Studies from Arizona State University.

Upon her graduation, she will be working with local agencies to submit a 5-year-plan she has developed for a nonprofit preschool, child care center, and youth center combined.

Before going off to college, she helped four individual young people kick drugs and prevented the suicide of a teen group member.  She has organized and planned service projects for her youth groups in California through Grandma's House of Hope. Additionally, she has helped remove teens from abusive homes and placed them into new loving families who have encouraged and helped these teens achieve their goals and move forward into the future. This Christmas, Sarah raised gifts and money for at-risk youth.

"Sarah is an amazing young woman who holds so much life, happiness, and potential for the future. She's the perfect candidate for the top 24 under 24, and has been such a shinning star of hope in my life, that I honestly don't know what I would do without her," says nominator Hailey Garland.