Mythbuster: Shelbie Knuckles

Shelbie goes above and beyond to organize events and create artwork to share in her school to encourage healthy lifestyles, both in school and out.

Shelbie is a a senior in high school in the small, rural town of Dove Creek, Colorado.  In such a small community, every student plays a huge impact on their peers and the choices they make.  Shelbie has been an elite and active member in a school organization called STUD (Students Taking Action against Underage Drinking) since her freshmen year.

Within this group, Shelbie participates in several events including peer mentoring, the 9 News health fair, and 4 years of Red Ribbon Week service projects to help raise awareness of underage drinking, substance abuse, and the harmful effects it has on a young person's life.

In addition, Shelbie goes above and beyond what is required of her in school and in her spare time makes ads, posters, and writes poetry on the real facts, harmful effects, and myths about drugs to put into the newspaper and around town. This encourages everyone in hercommunity to live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

Shelbie is continuing her devotion to living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle by furthering her education and attend college to become a personal trainer and nutritionist. Shelbie presents herself as a role model for the younger generations of students in her community.