Mythbuster: Tian Berry

Active in local organizations sharing information about drug abuse and advocating for smoke-free Burlington.

Tian holds the student position at the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community, participates in Students Taking Actions and Risks Together (START) at Burlington High School in Burlington, VT and stays late after school to complete bulletin boards, talks, and PA announcements.

Tian sets up tables in her school cafeteria displaying information about substance abuse and has spoken on this topic at local town hall meetings on behalf of her school. She has also led dialogue nights in the community where parents and students come together to talk about issues for teenagers in the school.

As part of the Burlington Partnership, Tian attends regular meetings with Burlington and surrounding town counselors and speaks at town meetings regarding the Partnership's goal of having a smoke-free downtown Burlington. She also helps send out newsletters and edit and grant proposals. 

Tian has been involved with this kind of prevention work since seventh grade.

In her spare time, Tian is active in a multitude of afterschool activities and keeps up with her studies with good grades, serving as a role model for her peers.