Mythbuster: Trent Whisenant

Organizing a summer camp through Health Rocks to teach the bad effects of substance abuse to fellow youth.

For the last three years, Trent has served as a Health Rocks Action Leader in Murray County, Georgia.  Health Rocks is the National 4-H Curriculum that teaches wise decision making for youth about smoking, alcohol and drugs. 

Trent has taught classes to all 5th and 6th grade classes in his county about the harmful effects of smoking, drugs and alcohol.  Because of his maturity and passion for the Health Rocks program, Trent immediately earned the respect of school administrators and teachers with his ability to effectively communicate and relate to the younger students.

For the last two summers, Trent has led the team of teen leaders in planning and carrying out a Health Rocks Summer Day Camp at a local state park where he and his peers teach classes about stress, risks of smoking, tobacco use and lung health, how to say no, advertising technique plus many other related activities.

Almost 2,500 young people in rural Murray County have been reached and impacted by10 hours of instruction over the last two years from Trent and his peers, inluding 200 kids at Summer Day Camp under the leadership of Trent and other county 4-H  team members.  Trent sees the drug problem in his county and feels the passion to educate young people.  As Trent says,” If you put something nasty in your body, something nasty will come out.”

Trent has been selected to attend the National Drug Facts Week Event on January 30 at the National 4-H Center.