Mythbusters: BreakAway

A teen rock band from Illinois using their music and platform to advocate for healthy teen behavior.

Hunter Laughhunn, Jacob Murphy, and brothers Spencer and Will Sharp are members of a teen classic rock band called BreakAway in central Ilinois.

Besides covering 80's, classic and southern rock songs, the teens also use their popularity and their music to bust myths about teen drug use.

BreakAway recently partnered with the I Sing the Body Electric coalition at Sarah Bush Lincoln Health Center, an agency whose goal is to help teens understand the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices. BreakAway and their band name appears in local television, radio, and billboard advertisements with the message of "BreakAway from harmful choices". 

It is encouraging for all ages to see members of a rock band promote healthy lifestyle choices rather than the "bad boy" image of doing drugs and drinking alcohol. 

They reach “youth” of all ages from preschool to grandparents.  Their videos are based on results of the Illionis Youth Survey of local health behavior among teens.

Check out one of their videos below, and watch more online here.

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