Mythbuster: Scott Leonard

A recovered addict who started a sobriety dorm and works to help others stay clean.

Scott, 18, used to be a drug and alcohol addict, but is now clean after two rehabilitations. By age 16, he says he tried every drug he could get his hands on. "I was living a very destructive life and was miserable," he says.

Now 18 years old, Scott has been sober one day at a time since July 8th, 2012. "I work through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and have a sponsor who I call daily to speak to. I go to meetings and try to be a role model for young people getting sober. "

At Scott's boarding school, he started a sobriety dorm to support other young people struggling with addiction or peer pressure. Scott has spoken at four conventions of young people in Alcoholics Anonymous in the past 6 months, sharing his story with people who are in recovery and those unfamiliar with the diseases of addiction and alcoholism.

"I speak from my experience and my experience only," Scott says. "Countless people come up to me and tell me I am an inspiration and thank me for the information I have given them."