13-Year Old Inspires New Mexico Senate

March 11, 2013

Adam Foster

SANTA FE, NM– On Monday March 11, 2013, the New Mexico State Senate unanimously passed Senate Joint Memorial 23, sponsored by Senator John Sapien, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, supporting the formation of a Presidential Youth Council, all thanks to 13-year old Adam Foster.  

Adam, an Albuquerque native, wanted to not only show he wants the government to listen to young people, but that he, like so many young people, is ready and willing to make an impact. 

Adam Foster is your average 13-year old -- except that he knows that he can make a difference. He has been involved with the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council as a Community and Campus Ambassador.  He asked Senator Sapien to sponsor the memorial and today was called to the floor to of the New Mexico Senate as an expert witness to testify that youth can help shape this country.

His presence on the Senate floor is a testament in itself that youth care and want to make a difference. Adam believes, as does the New Mexico Senate that this country needs the input of young people. They believe that this country needs a Presidential Youth Council. 

The Presidential Youth Council will be made up of 24 young people between the ages of 16 and 24 representing the socioeconomic, geographic, and racial diversity of the United States. The council will advise the President on issues facing youth today and issues facing the long term future of the country.  Across the country people like Adam are showing that they have a voice and that they want a seat at the table. 

We say, go Adam!

The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council is a bipartisan, youth-led initiative created by young people from all across the country. The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council advocates for the creation of an advisory body comprised of young Americans ages 16-24 who will advise the President on the perspectives of young people, offer suggestions on the design and implementation of youth policies, and create shared recommendations on issues that will affect the long-term future of our country.

Alex Wirth