2010 Teen Drug Use - Infographic

Benjamin Chambers
April 5, 2011

Below is a pretty interesting graphical representation of some of the
2010 data on teen drug use. (By the way, please note that by reposting
it, Reclaiming Futures is not endorsing Home Health Testing, the
graphic's creator, or its products.)

Now, what would be great would be an infographic showing things like:

  • Ratio of youth who need treatment vs. the number who receive it
  • Number of youth who receive evidence-based substance abuse treatment
  • Youth leaving treatment with recovery resources ready for them in the community
  • Number of youth actually dependent on drugs (vs. experimenting with
    or abusing them) at different decision points in the justice system --
    e.g., intake, detention, secure lock-up

What would you like to see? (And does anyone know somebody willing to work on such an infographic pro-bono?)

Teen Drug Use infographic
By: HomeHealthTesting.com

column originally appeared on Reclaiming Futures . It is reprinted with permission.