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6 Tips for a Successful Google+ Hangout On Air

January 29, 2018

A part of our SparkNotes blog series on social media.

A Hangout On Air is the next level of group video-chatting powered by Google’s shiny new-ish social network Google+. For those of us who are long-time users of Google’s Gmail and Gchat and video chat (guilty as charged), you will be pleased to know that the chat feature is now fully integrated with Google+.  A chat or video chat is now called a Hangout. Video Hangouts are a lot like Skype: they allow you to join up to 10 people in a live video chat for free (Skype requires a paid subscription for a video chat with more than one person).

Here are the six biggest lessons we learned about how to create the highest quality broadcast and why it’s worth it.

  1. Give yourself time to test, troubleshoot, and test again.
  2. The Camera Man App is awesome
  3. Use headphones or sit in a silent, non-echo-y room for the best sound quality
  4. Low-effort preparation
  5. High reward: putting a face to the name
  6. High reward: immediate, shareable multimedia

Thinking about hosting a Hangout On Air? Check out this online guide on how to set one up, and browse Google for more information on G+.

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Note: this article was published in 2013. It was reviewed and updated in January 2018.