Adolescent Health Program

December 27, 2002

The Adolescent Health Program (AHP) maintains a comprehensive and holistic view of a teenager's health and well-being. Instead of looking at single behaviors, AHP looks at the overlap between behaviors, their underlying common causes, and successful interventions. Adolescent programs and services must be built around researched risk and resiliency factors and maintain a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach that includes families, schools, and agencies as partners. An Adolescent Health Advisory Committee was established in 1992, as a result of legislation supporting adolescent health. Membership includes the State's Departments of Community and Regional Affairs, Education, Health and Social Services, Labor, and Public Safety, and representatives from the Indian Health Service (IHS), Alaska Native Health Board (ANHB) and Native Health Corporations. Other members include representatives from private non-profits, the medical and business community, and individuals who work directly with teens in the areas of alcohol/drug abuse, mental health, violence, pregnancy, and sexuality issues. Teens are also included in the membership, as well as parents, who represent over half of the membership.