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Ads for Advocacy: 8 Best Practices for Social Media Advertising

March 6, 2018

For organizations looking to promote their advocacy campaigns through online advertising, social media can provide large potential audiences and a cost-effective setup. Not only does the average American spend a third of their time in their various social media accounts, but 84% of people are more comfortable engaging in political discussions on social media platforms than in person.

Phone2Action recently studied best practices in paid social media advertising—specifically Facebook and Twitter—and how they apply to digital advocacy. Here are some of their findings on the best ways to increase your digital advertising success:

  1. Set your campaign objectives and daily and lifetime budgets.
  2. Design your ads with mobile in mind.
  3. Use video frequently.
  4. Optimize Facebook and Twitter's powerful targeting tools.
  5. Test, test, test.
  6. Schedule your ads strategically.
  7. Use pixels and tags to track conversions.
  8. Don't forget other platforms.

To access the full report, click here.