Announcing the Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbusters

February 13, 2014

Congratulations to the Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbusters! (Meet the winners.)

It was no easy task to select the winners. Using Facebook voting, you, the SparkAction community, shared your favorites. Then, we and our partners reviewed each submission and selected the winners.

So just what is a Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbuster?

He or she is a young person who is using science and creativity to move the dialogue beyond “just say no" to an exchange of science-based information on the use, impacts and effects of substances.  These 24 young changemakers are active in a range of ways. The winners range in age from 13 to 24, and live in rural, urban and suburban areas all across the country. But they share a few inspiring things in common.

meet the winnersThey’re making a Difference. Every nominee showed inspiring commitment to educating their peers about the science-based facts about drug use and its impacts on mind and body.

They use their skills, talents and passion. Several of Top 24 Under 24 Drug Mythbusters use music, art and entertainment to raise awareness. Others work with technology. Still others partner with local business and organizations to spread their messages.

They’ve got drive. Mythbusters work in schools, communities, after-school programs and camps. If they couldn’t find local resources that felt genuine and resonated with them, these mythbusters built their own. Several of the winners developed their own programs, curriculum and/or sober living spaces to educate and support other young people. Several worked to improve policies that govern the use (and disposal) of medication.

Real data without scare tactics can help young people make better decisions, and combat common myths and misconceptions. For example, the myth that prescription drug abuse isn't a real problem. (Did you know that prescription drugs and cold medicines are, after marijuana and alcohol, the most commonly abused substances by Americans 14 and older?)

For fun (and more facts), take the NDFW National Drug I.Q. Quiz online.

Think you could be a mythbuster? Let us know what you’re doing (we’ll share your story on

About the Contest

The contest, in support of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and it's National Drug Facts Week, was hosted by SparkAction and our partners:

  • Youth Service America
  • Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
  • Above the Influence
  • The American Association of School Administrators (AASA)
  • The CorpsNetwork
  • Young Invincibles
  • The National Collaboration for Youth,
  • The Roosevelt Institute Campus Network
  • Ready by 21®

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And now, let’s meet the winners…