Archived Webinar: How State and Local Advocates Stopped Cutbacks and Achieved Successes

August 6, 2012

In this call, state advocates from California, Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York discuss how they stopped child care cutbacks in their states and achieved successes in this challenging fiscal climate.

  • Some key successes and tips learned from these states included:
  • Fact sheets sharing strong data analysis
  • Joint messaging with advocates and families
  • Action alerts, campaigns, and rallies
  • Social networking
  • Emailing, calling, and writing letters to governors
  • Mobilizing on the ground
  • Building relationships wiht key staff members in governors' offices
  • Nuanced messaging focused on greater economic impact instead of focusing on kids
  • Connecting real families to media
  • Hiring a political or media consultant to most effectively reach the right people


In the link below, learn more on these tips, the challenges states faced in their mission, and who their key coalitions and partners were are in the link below. In addition, find shareable resources on advocating.