Ask a Wall Street Occupier

October 12, 2011

Will the Occupy movement issue a specific set of demands soon? Who is it targeting? Justin Wedes, 24, an organizer of the Occupy Wall Street protests, answers listner questions on New York public radio station WNYC.

From the segment:

Brian Lehrer: Will you need to articulate a list of specific demands so as not to fizzle out?

Justin Wedes: I don’t think so. Our goal is to [ultimately] enunciate specifics. … We’re still growing. If we look at the immense amount of solidarity and growth it hasn’t been because we’re enunciating demands. Every night, we’re meeting to discuss [and work toward] solidarity.

Caller: Is this movement directed at Wall St or the government. And how will you resolve the issues?

JW: Our finger has always been squarely pointed at Wall Street. [We target the 1%] … whether those people reside in Washington DC or on Wall Street or wherever the financial centers may be. … the political establishment is very much embedded with the Wall Street barons that are very much stripping this country.

BL: Would you call the movement anti-captialist?

JW: I don’t want to pigeonhole it because I believe it’s more than any one idealogy. We claim to be "the 99 percent" and if we are truly the 99 percent, that represents a very large spectrum of beliefs.