Assets vs. Risks: 1,000 Colorado Youth In Asset-Building Study

Bill Howard
September 1, 1997

Colorado is becoming a test bed for proving out the Search Institute’s community approach for building developmental assets in youth.

Cities across the state are taking up asset-building initiatives with some $10 million in funding from the Colorado Trust. Search President Peter L. Benson said some $1.5 million to $2 million will be spent on a five-year evaluation of the strategy’s impact on 1,000 youth in selected cities.

Benson said he hoped the study would produce the “scientific data to show exactly what happens to teen alcohol use or teen pregnancy, or whatever.”

Search has set up a five-person office in Denver directed by Maria Guajardo Lucero which will be working on radio, television and newspapers to help acquaint Coloradans with the language of asset building. “This is an effort to mobilize an entire state around the framework of developmental assets,” he said. “It sounds frightening to me – like 3 million people to reach.”

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Howard, Bill. "Assets vs. Risks: 1,000 Colorado Youth In Asset-Building Study." Youth Today, Sept/Oct 1997, p. 1.

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