A Rural County's Innovation Keeps Youth Out of Court | August 14, 2013

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Rural Georgia isn't necessarily the kind of locale generally associated with progressive juvenile justice policies. Yet alternatives to detention are thriving here -- and credited with saving young lives and taxpayer dollars. Get the story from the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE).

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This article is the first in a series exploring community-based alternatives as part of JJIE's focus on effective juvenile justice reform trends, which launched this spring with an in-depth look at mental health and substance abuse.
In addition to this reporting, JJIE has launched the Juvenile Justice Resource Hub that offers research and information on critical issues in juvenile justice.

The Hub and content are powerful resources for practitioners, reformers, policymakers, journalists and anyone who cares about youth well-being. Help spread the word.

Browse: Compelling stories & resources on community-based alternatives for #juvenilejustice http://bit.ly/15geZEL

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Take a Minute. Make a difference.
Juvenile justice systems are controlled by states, but rely on federal funding to be effective. Last month, we brought you an action alert to make your voice heard during this year's federal funding appropriations process. Find out what happened in the Senate from the Act4JJ Campaign and Dignity in Schools, and why it's not too late to send a message to Congress to keep the momentum going.  

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Youth Policy Watch

Tracking policy developments from Capitol Hill to your corner.

This archived webinar hosted by the Forum for Youth Investment focuses on the Obama Administration's plans to support comprehensive place-based efforts for disconnected youth. The webinar gave an opportunity to provide feedback on the Administration's draft strategic plan and production of FindYouthInfo.gov.

Youth Corps Act Introduced
Earlier this month, the Youth Corps Act was introduced to the House. If passed into law, this legislation would amend the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) to enable states, local communities, colleges, existing Corps and non-profits to replicate and expand one of the most successful models for reconnecting "opportunity youth" to education, the workforce, and their communities. The Corps Network reports.

In the States

'Raise the Age' for JJ in the States
The Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously earlier this month in favor of legislation to raise the age of juvenile court jurisdiction to to 17. Calls for juvenile justice reform in Florida are growing as advocates turn to research to prove that more robust juvenile diversion programs for first-time offenders can prevent kids from dropping out of school. Illinois has also made changes to cases for juvenile youth who were previously tried as adults. Get the latest in this round-up from Reclaiming Futures.

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August 14, 2013


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