Avoid the Trap of Social Media Noise

Seth Godin
August 17, 2011

Web guru Seth Godin says that the traditional approach to social media for marketing may not be the best.

"If we put a number on it, people will try to make the number go up.

Now that everyone is a marketer, many people are looking for a louder megaphone, a chance to talk about their work, their career, their product... and social media looks like the ideal soapbox, a free opportunity to shout to the masses.

But first, we're told to make that number go up. Increase the number of fans, friends and followers, so your shouts will be heard. The problem of course is that more noise is not better noise.

The conventional, broken wisdom is:

  • Follow a ton of people to get people to follow you back

  • Focus on the # of followers, not the interests of followers or your relationship with them.

  • Pump links through the social platform (take your pick, or do them all!)

  • Offer nothing of value, and no context. This is a megaphone, not a telephone.

  • Think you're winning, because you're playing video games (highest follower count wins!)

This looks like winning (the numbers are going up!), but it's actually a double-edged form of losing. ..."

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