Books for the Teenage 2005

January 1, 2005

2 The Creative Spirit Teen Novels and Short Stories, Fantasy, Humor,
Mystery and Suspense, Poetry, the Arts...
14 Science Animals, Mind and Body, Brain Food, Ancient Stones
and Bones, Planet Earth... 18 Here and Now Love and Sex, Getting it Together,
Overcoming Odds, LGBTQ: Being Gay, War and Peace,
Remarkable People....
27 One World Native Americans, Latinos, Black America,
Other Countries... 36 Action and Adventure Do-It-Yourself, Sports, True Adventure...Action-Packed Stories 38 Africa 27 AIDS 18 The Americas 30 Ancient Stones and Bones 17 Art: Vision Becomes Image 4 Asia 28 Athletes 37 Brain Food 14 The Changing Scene 22 Crime and Justice 20 Do-It-Yourself 36 Do You Believe? 18 Drugs 19 Europe 29 Fantasy 3 Fur, Feathers and Scales 15Getting It Together 20 Graphic Novels 5 Historical Fiction 13 Horror 7 Humor 2 Latinos 31 LGBTQ: Being Gay 21 Looking Good 21 Love and Sex 21 Make Up Your Mind 22 The Middle East 27 Mind and Body 16 The Movies and TV 8 Mystery and Suspense 6 Native Americans 29 Never Again: The Holocaust 25 New York, NY 35 Novels and Short Stories 11 On Stage 4 Overcoming Odds 23 Planet Earth 16Poetry 7 The Power of Words 18 Rap, Rock and Bach 12 Remarkable People 23 Science Fiction 2 Sports 37 Teen Novels and Short Stories 8 True Adventure 39 U.S.A.: Black America 32 U.S.A.: The Civil War and After 34 U.S.A.: Coming to America 31 U.S.A.: The New Nation 34 U.S.A.: Past, Present and Future 33 The Universe and Beyond 14 War and Peace 24 The Way Things Work 17 Wheels and Wings 36 Women 26 Working 25 Young Love 5 ABOUT THE COVER A person of mystery is our guide to books in New York City. The map unfolds to
show us the way. Follow the lead of our person of mystery and we trust that this booklist will lead to days
of exciting reading. The cover art for the 2005 Books for the Teen Age was created by Jonathan de la Rosa, an art student at SoBRO, South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation. He is a 12th grader at Mount Saint Michael Academy, Bronx.Welcome!This is the 76th edition of Books for the Teen Age. It is a booklist created especially for you. The cover art featuring a person of mystery invites you to visit a world of new ideas and possibilities. You will find stories of urban teens, poetry, mysteries, biographies of remarkable individuals, romance, sports, true adventure, books that will help you navigate through the stages of life, and much more.There are approximately 1,000 titles on this list. To help you find those you will like the most, we have arranged all titles by subject so that you can browse and discover old favorites and new ones. The newest titles are marked with an asterisk (*).The books on the list are on display year-round at Nathan Straus Teen Central at the Donnell Library Center, 20 West 53rd Street, (212) 621-0633. Each New York Public Library branch has many of the books on this list and other books of special interest to teenagers. Many of the titles listed are available in recorded format, Braille, or large print from the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking Book Library, 40 West 20th Street. For more information on this service, call (212) 206-5400.Because you vary so much in your interests, maturity, and reading ability, the books on the list differ greatly in difficulty and depth. They may be shelved in various places in the library. Ask your librarian to help you find a book you are interested in reading. Let your librarian know whether you like the book or not. We are interested in your opinions! Write to us at: Your opinions and ideas help us in selecting books for Young Adult collections in the branch libraries and in preparing future booklists for you. Please visit us online at: where you will find additional booklists, special events for teens, opportunities to publish your poetry, stories, and essays online, listen to excerpts from books, and much more.Here?s to wishing you hours of reading enjoyment!Sandra PayneCoordinator of Young Adult ServicesBooks for the Teen Age
The Creative SpiritHumorANONYMOUS AS TOLD
TO TUCKER SHAW*Confessions of a Backup DancerSimon PulseA crazy summer around a
pop divaEHRENHAFT, DANIEL *10 Things to Do
Before I DieDelacorteTed, making the most of his
last 24 hoursFRIEDMAN, PETER*Ideal MarriagePermanentTeen in the 50s with sex
on the brainHIAASEN, CARL
HootKnopfLife in Florida enlivened by
baby owlsKEMP, KRISTEN *The Dating DiariesPushMaking up for lost time after
a break-upKORMAN, GORDON*Son of the Mob: Hollywood HustleHyperionThe family?s influence on
Vince?s LA lifeLIMB, SUE*Girl, 15, Charming
but InsaneDelacortePursuing love despite lack
of confidenceLUBAR, DAVID
DunkClarionThe twisted world of a
wisecracking clownMASH, ROBERT
How to Keep Dinosaurs
Weidenfeld & NicolsonFor pets, crowd control
or dinoburgersMCGRUDER, AARON
A Right to be Hostile
Three RiversBoondocks comics, poking fun
at everyoneO?KEEFE, SUSAN HEYBOER*Death by EggplantRoaring BrookDreams of cooking and a
flour babyRALLISON, JANETTE*Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Free ThrowsWalkerGoing head-to-head with your best friendRENNISON, LOUISE*Away Laughing
on a Fast CamelHarperTempestLife after the Sex God leavesSEELY, HART, COMPILER AND EDITOR
Pieces of Intelligence
Free PressSecretary Rumsfeld?s words of wisdom STUDIO KAIJU*Kaiju Big BattelHyperionGuide to giant city-crushing
Hard Time
AtheneumIn reform school with a
magical dollScience
FictionCOLFER, EOIN *The SupernaturalistHyperionFighting parasites on future EarthDUPRAU, JEANNE*The People of SparksRandom HouseMaking a new life on
Earth?s surfaceFOON, DENNIS*FreewalkerAnnick Roan and Stowe learning to
use powerFOSTER, ALAN DEAN*Lost and FoundBallantine Camping out leads to
kidnapping by aliensGOOBIE, BETH *FluxOrcaChased by a gang into
another dimensionLAWRENCE, MICHAEL*A Crack in the LineGreenwillowHis mother is alive in
an alternate worldLOWRY, LOIS*MessengerHoughton MifflinMatty, risking all to find
his true nameOPPEL, KENNETH*AirbornEOSLife on an airship leads
to adventureREED, KIT*Thinner Than ThouTORThin and fit becomes a
dangerous religionREEVE, PHILIP *Predator?s GoldEOSHester, selling out a city
for revengeRUCKER, RUDY*Frek and the ElixirTORQuest to restore Earth?s
lost speciesSCHMITZ, JAMES H.*The Witches of KarresBaenWhose power can stop an
alien invasionSTAHLER, DAVID, JR.*TruesightEOSCursed with sight in
a blind worldVALENTINE, JAMES *Jump-ManSimon & SchusterTime-traveling Theo wrecks
Jules? romanceWERLIN, NANCY*Double HelixDialEli uncovering his own
genetic secretsZAHN, TIMOTHY
*The Green and
the Gray
TORAliens at war on New York
City streetsFantasyBARRY, DAVE AND
*Peter and the Starcatchers
Disney EditionsFearless Peter before NeverlandBATH, K. P.*The Secret of Castle CantLittle, BrownPowerful, dangerous knowledgeBOYLE, FIONNA*A Muggle?s Guide to
the Wizarding WorldECW PressExploring the Harry Potter UniverseCADNUM, MICHAEL*StarfallScholasticWhen the gods ruledCONSTABLE, KATE*The Singer of All SongsArthur A. LevineCalwyn, using ice magic
chantments DALE, ANNA *Whispering to WitchesBloomsburyA missing page from a book
of magicDE LINT, CHARLES*Blue GirlViking 17 and trying to avoid trouble DICKINSON, JOHN*Cup of the WorldDavid FicklingLoving a man met in her dreamsDUNKLE, CLARE B.*Close KinHenry Holt Seeking love on a quest FARMER, NANCY*The Sea of TrollsAtheneum Lucky Jack kidnapped by Vikings FARREN, MICK *KindlingTOR The Four, challenging the
Dark ThingsFINDLAY, JAMIESON*The Blue Roan ChildScholastic Searching for stolen coltsFISHER, CATHERINE*The Oracle BetrayedGreenwillowSeeking the religious leader?s heir *Snow-walkerGreenwillowFighting an evil foreign tyrantHALE, SHANNON*Enna BurningBloomsburyFires to warm and to destroyLACKEY, MERCEDES *The Fairy GodmotherLuna Fixing magical messesLE GUIN, URSULA K.*GiftsHarcourtWonderful, useful and
deadly talents MAHY, MARGARET*AlchemyMargaret K McElderryMagic versus free willMCKILLIP, PATRICIA A.*Alphabet of ThornAce An orphan girl haunted by
an ancient taleMCNAUGHTON, JANET*An Earthly KnightHarperCollinsA suitable suitor for JennyNIFFENEGGER, AUDREY
The Time
Traveler?s Wife
MacAdam/CageLovers misplaced in timePRATCHETT, TERRY *A Hat Full of SkyHarperCollinsTiffany, aided by the Wee
Free MenPRICE, SUSAN *A Sterkarm KissEOSFinding romance back in
the 16th c.PRUE, SALLY *The Devil?s ToenailScholasticStarting a fire to join
The Amber
KnopfWill Lyra save her world
or destroy it?RABE, JEAN*The Finest
CreationTOR Perfect beings aiding
mankind RANDALL, DAVID*ClovermeadMargaret K. McElderryLies about the past2The air outside sparkled, shimmering like a snow globe full of glitter. Jessica blinked and rubbed her eyes, but the galaxy of hovering diamonds didn?t go away.There were thousands of them, each suspended in the air as if by its own little invisible string. They seemed to glow, filling the street and her room with the blue light. Some were just inches from the window, perfect spheres no bigger than the smallest pearl, translucent
as beads of glass. Jessica took a few steps backward and sat down on her bed. ?Weird dream,? she said aloud, and then wished she hadn?t. It didn?t seem right saying that. Wondering if she were dreaming made her feel more? awake somehow. And this was already too real: no unexplained panic, no watching herself from above, no feeling as if she were in a play and didn?t know her lines?just Jessica Day sitting on her bed and being confused. And the air outside full of diamonds.The
4 5SEDGWICK, MARCUS*The Book of Dead DaysWendy LambSearching graveyards to save
CHRIS RIDDELL*Beyond the DeepwoodsDavid FicklingWhen Twig left the
Deepwoods pathSTROUD, JONATHAN
The Amulet of Samarkand
When magicians ruled
Great BritainTHOMSON, CELIA*The FallenSimon Pulse Surviving a 200 foot drop WESTERFELD, SCOTT*The Secret HourEOS In danger when time freezes WILLIAMS, MAIYA*The Golden HourAmuletA portal to revolutionary FranceOn StageBALANCHINE, GEORGE
101 Stories of
the Great BalletsAnchorFrom Giselle to Duo ConcertantBLACKWOOD, GARY
Shakespeare?s ScribeDuttonSurviving the Black PlagueCHEANEY, J. B.
The Playmaker
Knopf16th C. theater apprentice facing dangerThe True PrinceKnopfCrime in Shakespeare?s theaterCOOPER, SUSAN
King of Shadows
Margaret K. McElderryNat, transported to the
16th centuryDOWD, OLYMPIA
A Young Dancer?s Apprenticeship
Twenty-First CenturyOn tour at 14 with the
Moscow City BalletFISHMAN, KATHARINE DAVIS*Attitude!Jeremy P. Tarcher/PenguinEight teen dancers from
Martha Graham
ClarionShe created a new kind of danceGLOVER, SAVION
MorrowMy life in tapJAY, ANNIE
Stars in Your Eyes...Feet on the GroundTheatre DirectoriesA practical guide for teen actorsJONES, BILL T. AND
DanceHyperionA choreographer moves
through spaceKATZ, WELWYN WILTON
Come Like Shadows
CoteauSummer stock dream job
or nightmare?LANE, ERIC AND NINA SHENGOLD, EDITORS*Under ThirtyVintagePlays for a new generationMAYBARDUK, LINDA
The Dancer Who Flew
TundraRudolf Nureyev, remembered
by a friendO?CONNOR, ROSALIE*Getting CloserUniv. Press of FloridaBehind the scenes at the balletPACKER, TINA*Tales From ShakespeareScholasticTen of the Bard?s bestPORTER, TRACEY
A Dance of Sisters
Joanna CotlerThe beauty, pain and danger
of balletROSE, PHILIP
You Can?t Do That
on Broadway!
Limelight EditionsProducing A Raisin in the SunROSEN, MICHAEL
AND JANE RAY*Shakespeare?s Romeo and JulietCandlewick A beautiful retellingSIMMONS, DANNY, EDITOR
Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway & More
AtriaThe energy and impact of the spoken wordTEACHOUT, TERRY*All in the DancesHarcourt Balanchine, a brief lifeArt: Vision
Art Attack
ClarionAvant garde artists on the
Latino Visions
WattsContemporary artists of
the AmericasFLY
PeopsSoft SkullStories and drawings of
Ansel Adams
Little BrownAmerica?s legendary photographerGOULART, RON
Comic Book Culture
Everyone?s old favoritesGREENBERG, JAN
Vincent van Gogh
The mad Dutch genius GREENBERG, JAN
Action Jackson
Roaring Brook
The creative Mr. Pollack*Andy Warhol
DelacorteFabulous Prince of Pop
Runaway Girl
AbramsThe artist Louise BourgeoisHARING, KEITH
BulfinchWords and drawings of the
bold artistHIGHSMITH, CAROL M.
America?s Engineering Marvels
GramercyMasterworks to inspireHOYE, JACOB
BoardsUniverseThe art and design of
the skateboardKASSINGER, RUTH G.
CeramicsTwenty-First CenturyFrom magic pots to
man-made bonesROBBINS, TRINA
From Girls to GrrrlzChronicleNearly 60 years of women
Margaret Bourke-White
AbramsPictures were her lifeSCHIAFFINO, MARIAROSA
GoyaPeter BedrickPainting royal portraits and
the political sceneSCHULKE, FLIP
Witness to Our Times
CricketLife as a photojournalistSPATE, VIRGINIA
DegasSourceBooksAcute observer of beautySUTHERLAND, PETER*AutografpowerHousePhotos of NYC graffiti writersTATHAM, CAROLINE
Barron?sA guide for the aspiring artistGraphic
ENKI BILAL *TownscapesHumanoids/DC Comics Stories of small towns
fighting backDROOKER, ERIC
Blood Song
Harvest BooksFleeing horror, finding loveJEMAS, BILL AND BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS*Ultimate Spider-Man CollectionMarvelThe tales retold for a
new generationGAIMAN, NEIL, ANDY KUBERT AND RICHARD ISANOVE*Marvel 1602Marvel X-Men in the 17th CenturyHYUN, YOU*Faeries? Landing, Vol. 1 TokyopopRyang, 16, guardian to
a grounded fairyJOHNS, GEOFF*Teen Titans:
A Kid?s GameDC ComicsProving their worth to the
Justice LeagueKINDT, MATT *2 SistersTop Shelf Danger and tragedy for Elle,
In the Line of DutyDC ComicsTo be a cop in Batman?s townRUCKA, GREG, DREW JOHNSON AND RAY SNYDER*Wonder Woman:
Down to EarthDC ComicsDiana?s beliefs leave her open
to attackSHANOWER, ERIC *Age of Bronze Sacrifice, Vol. 2ImageWhat the Greeks must do to defeat TroySPIEGELMAN, ART*In the Shadow of
No TowersPantheonAn artist scarred by
MARK BUCKINGHAM AND STEVE LEIALOHA*Fables: Animal FarmVertigoDeath stalks fairy tale refugeesYoung
LoveBURNHAM, NIKI*Royally JackedSimon PulseProblems with loving a princeCHESHIRE, SIMON*Kissing VanessaDelacorteShy-guy-likes-gorgeous-girl storyFLAKE, SHARON G.*Who Am I Without Him?Jump at the Sun/HyperionGirls and the boys in their livesFRANK, HILLARY *I Can?t Tell YouGraphiaWhen ?just friends? isn?t enough JOHNSON, ANGELA
The First Part LastSimon & SchusterTurning 16, becoming a fatherLEVITHAN, DAVID*The Realm of PossibilityKnopfThe endless ways kids connectSANDOVAL, LYNDA*Who?s Your Daddy? Simon PulseGuy-repellent parents
challenging romanceAt ten minutes of ten on this first Saturday in August 2001, the front hall at The Ailey School is totally quiet, though not uninhabited. A few teenage girls wearing large numbers on their leotards walk silently in and out of the studios that abut the hall, talking to parents who wait outside. Inside Studio 3, some fifty more numbered teenage girls are stretching on the floor and at the barre, whispering to one another, sipping from water bottles, or sitting cross-legged beside their backpacks, meditating. Aside
from their undisputable trimness, they vary in size and shape; their hair is short or pinned up in some sort of bun and occasionally cornrowed.
About two-thirds appear African-American the rest are
everything else. No one smiles. Though the heat hasn?t quite kicked in yet, it is going to be a scorcher?one of those heavy, humid dog days that mark late summer in New York?and none of these studios is air-conditioned. After twenty minutes, four godlike
individuals glide in and the dancers come to attention.Attitude!BY KATHARINE
DAVIS FISHMANJeremy P. Tarcher/
Penguin, 2004
6 7
Vampire Kisses
HarperCollinsOutcast goth-girl seeks love
with biteSHAW, TUCKER
Flavor of the WeekHyperionCooking up romance with the wrong guySUTHERLAND, TUI T.*This Must be LoveHarperCollins Sorting out confusing relationshipWILLIAMS-GARCIA, RITA
Every Time
a Rainbow Dies
HarperCollinsA victim of rape changes
Thulani?s lifeWOODSON, JACQUELINE*Behind YouPutnam?sMoving on after losing a
loved oneZUSAK, MARKUS
Getting the Girl
Arthur A. LevineWanting the one his brother
used to haveMystery and
Dreaming PachinkoPerennialHas-been rock stars,
blackmail and ghostsALPHIN, ELAINE MARIE
Picture PerfectCarolrhodaIan, unable to remember what happenedBARRETT, TRACY
Cold in SummerHenry HoltNew town, new friends,
old ghostsBOWLER, TIM
Storm CatchersMargaret K. McElderryElla, kidnapped by a
vengeful ghostCABOT, MEG
HauntedHarperCollinsA live guy giving Suze
nightmaresCOLLIER, JAMES LINCOLN*The Empty MirrorBloomsburyWhen two souls claim one bodyCORMIER, ROBERT
The Rag and Bone ShopDelacorteMurder?true or false
confession?GILES, GAIL*Playing in TrafficRoaring BrookShy Matt and the wild goth-girl HADDIX, MARGARET PETERSON
Escape From Memory
Simon & SchusterFamily secrets hidden in
Kira?s brainHARWOOD, JOHN *The Ghost WriterHarcourt Family secrets
or creative writing?KARR, KATHLEEN
The 7th KnotMarshall CavendishMiles and Wick rescuing art
and the valetLANSDALE, JOE R.
A Fine Dark LineWarnerStanley, losing innocence,
not his lifeLIPPMAN, LAURA
Every Secret Thing
MorrowBabies disappearing in BaltimoreMCALPINE, GORDON
Mystery Box
CricketFalling in love and solving crimesMCNAMEE, GRAHAM
AccelerationWendy Lamb
Duncan stalking a serial killerMORGENROTH, KATE*JudeSimon & SchusterSurviving an unfair, stiff sentenceOATES, JOYCE CAROL
Freaky Green Eyes
HarperTempestWatching her parents head toward tragedyPETERS, ELIZABETH*Guardian of the HorizonWilliam MorrowA dangerous return to EgyptPLUM-UCCI, CAROL
The SheHarcourtDisappearing parents swallowed by the seaPRIESTLEY, CHRIS
Death and the ArrowKnopfGruesome serial killings in 1715WATSON, JUDE*PremonitionsScholasticGracie, using ESP to save
her friendWEATHERLY, LEE*Missing AbbyDavid FicklingWhen a 13-year old girl vanished WINSPEAR, JACQUELINE*Birds of a FeatherSohoA runaway heiress or a
murderer? Maisie DobbsSohoA private investigator?s lost loveHorrorALLIE, SCOTT, EDITOR*The Dark Horse Book
of WitchcraftDark HorsePowerful women,
supernatural skillBLOOR, EDWARD*Story TimeHarcourtWhere testing is the work
Blue Wolf
HarperCollinsTrapped in an animal?s bodyHINTON, S. E. *Hawkes HarborTORJamie, tough enough to reform
A Stir of BonesVikingBreaking free of abuse with ghostly helpHURSTON, ZORA NEALE, COLLECTOR; ADAPTED BY JOYCE CAROL THOMAS*The Skull Talks Back and Other Haunting TalesHarperCollinsSpooky tales from folkloreJOHNSON, KATHLEEN JEFFRIE*A Fast and Brutal WingRoaring BrookMentally ill or shape shifters?KLAUSE, ANNETTE CURTIS
Blood and ChocolateLaurel LeafRuns with werewolves, howls
for meat boyMCKINLEY, ROBIN
Saving herself from being a
vampire mealMETZ, MELINDA*Raven?s PointHarperCollinsAncient evil on a small islandNOYES, DEBORAH, EDITOR*Gothic!CandlewickTen original dark talesRICE, ANNE
Interview with
the VampireBallantineVampire tells all to reporterSAUL, JOHN*Black Creek CrossingBallantineLife in a charming, haunted houseSLEATOR, WILLIAM *The Boy Who
Couldn?t DieAmuletThe boy who could killSOSNOWSKI, DAVID*VampedFree PressWhen there are more vampires than humansSTRAUB, PETER
lost boy lost girl
Random HouseA serial killer or a ghost?VANDE VELDE, VIVIAN
Companions of
the NightHarcourt Brace/Jane YolenEthan drinks the blood
of humansWALLACE, RICH
RestlessVikingRunning track with a ghostWOODING, CHRIS*The Haunting of Alaizabel CrayOrchardTerror in the London streetsPoetryACHEBE, CHINUA*Collected PoemsAnchorNigeria?s powerful writerALVAREZ, JULIA*The Woman
I Kept to MyselfAlgonquinWise and personal wordsCOLLINS, BILLY, EDITOR
Poetry 180Random HouseAn anthology of contemporary workESPADA, MART?
AlabanzaNortonA Latino lyric voiceGREENBERG, JAN, EDITOR
Heart to HeartAbramsThe beauty of art
and languageJANECZKO, PAUL B.,
EDITOR*BlushingOrchardExpressions of loveJORDAN, A. VAN *M-A-C-N-O-L-I-ANortonStory of a spelling whizJUSTICE, DONALD*Collected PoemsKnopfThe master of simple,
classical formLANSANA, QURAYSH ALI*They Shall RunThird WorldHarriet Tubman, woman
and warriorMOSS, THYLIAS*Slave MothPerseaAn enslaved girl imagining
freedomMYERS, WALTER DEAN*Here in HarlemHoliday HouseHonoring his hometownNYE, NAOMI SHIHAB*Is This Forever,
Or What?GreenwillowTexas inspiring artists
and writersPAWLAK, MARK AND
AND ROBERT HERSHON*Shooting the RatHanging LooseStories and poems by high
school writersPEACOCK, MOLLY,
Poetry in MotionNorton100 poems from NYC
subways and busesPERDOMO, WILLIE
Smoking LovelyRattapallaxOur Nuyorican laureatePINSKY, ROBERT AND MAGGIE DIETZ, EDITORS*An Invitation to PoetryNortonFrom the Favorite Poem ProjectREDDY, SRIKANTH*Facts for VisitorsUniv. of California Pr.Traditional and experimental workSCHMIDT, ELIZABETH
Poems of New YorkRandom HouseThe icons of our citySCHULTZ, PHILIP*Living in the PastHarcourtRochester, New York, in the fiftiesSESHADRI, VIJAY*The Long MeadowGraywolfFrom India to BrooklynPEOPLE SAY THINGS about me. Bad things. Momma says I give ?em reason to. That if I would just be a good girl?like the girls who wait for the bus with me in the mornings?then things wouldn?t
go so hard for me. But I don?t wanna be like them girls: so plain and pitiful, boys don?t even look their way or ask their names. I wanna be me. Ain?t nothing wrong with that. Is it?Me and them girls been standing
on the same corner waiting for
the same bus for a year now, and
I don?t even know their names. But I hate ?em just the same, mostly ?cause that girl with the red hair and gray eyes looks like the girl Raheem once left me for. She was a good girl too, so they say. She got straight A?s worked in the principal?s office, headed
up the cheerleading team, and played flute for the marching band. You?d figure a girl like that wouldn?t
be no thief. But she was. She stole
my man right from under me?for
a little while, anyhow.Who am I
Without Him?BY SHARON G. FLAKEJump at the Sun/Hyperion Books,
8 9
YOU DON?T BELIEVE ANY OF THIS, DO YOU? Do you really think that I think the St. Andrew Valley water tower is the all-powerful, all-seeing ruler of all-that-is? Let me ask you something.
Do you think every single person sitting in, say, your local church (or temple or mosque or coven or whatever the hell it is your parents drag you to) believes everything they hear? What about the guy who goes to church on Sunday but cheats on his taxes. That?s a sin, right? If he truly believed in God, would he sin?But that doesn?t mean the tax cheat isn?t religious. Religious is a whole different kettle of fish, as my grandmother would say. I?m religious. And I?m serious. Serious as a heart attack (Grandma again). Chutengodianism is important to me. But that doesn?t mean I think that a big steel tank propped up on a few I-beams is omnipotent. I might be a religious zealot, but I?m not crazy.GodlessBY PETE HAUTMANSimon & Schuster, 2004SHANGE, NTOZAKE,
AND KAMOINGE INC.*The Sweet Breath
of LifeAtriaWords, images:
the African-American familyVECCHIONE, PATRICE,
EDITOR*Revenge and ForgivenessHenry HoltTimeless human desiresWILLARD, NANCY*In the Salt MarshKnopfMysteries of the natural worldWRITERSCORPS*Paint Me Like I AmHarperTempest
Lively teen voicesYOUNG, KEVIN
Jelly RollKnopfJazzy blues poemsThe Movies and TVALEXANDER, GEORGE
Why We
Make MoviesBroadwayBlack filmmakers talkingBIZONY, PIERS
Digital DomainBillboardCreating special effectsBOGLE, DONALD
Primetime BluesFarrar, Straus and GirouxThe changing roles of blacks
My Life as a
10-Year-Old BoyHyperionBehind the scenes at
?The Simpsons?DUNCAN, JODY
Star Wars: MythmakingDel ReyBehind the scenes with
color photosLUMME, HELENA
Great Women of Film
BillboardActresses, producers, directors, and moreRICHMOND, RAY*This is Jeopardy!Barnes & NobleCelebrating America?s favorite quiz showROEPER, RICHARD
10 Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed, and Other Surprising Movie Lists
HyperionThe best, the worst and moreRUBIN, SUSAN GOLDMAN
Steven SpielbergAbramsCrazy for movies since he was
LINDA SUNSHINE*RayNewmarketA tribute to Ray CharlesVAZ, MARK COTTA
The Art of Star Wars
Del ReyEpisode II: Attack of the clones.WORMSER, RICHARD
To the Young FilmmakerWattsConversations with working
filmmakersTeen Novels
and Short StoriesADOFF, JAIME*Names Will Never
Hurt MeDuttonHigh school hell, a year after
a killingAIDINOFF, ELSIE V.*The GardenHarperTempestAdam and Eve and the
Serpent makes threeALMOND, DAVID*The Fire-EatersDelacorteBobby?s world on the brink
of destructionBATHURST, BELLA*SpecialMarinerThe chilling meanness of girls
JEFF GOTTESFELD*A Heart DividedDelacorteCulture shock when Kate
moves SouthBROOKS, KEVIN*Kissing the RainThe Chicken HouseA witness to murderBRUGMAN, ALYSSA*Walking NakedDelacorteThe power of the cliqueCABOT, MEG*Teen IdolHarperCollinsWhen a film star challenges
Jim?s talentsCALETTI, DEB*Honey, Baby, SweetheartSimon & SchusterBad boy + quiet girl = troubleCART, MICHAEL, EDITOR*Rush Hour: Volume 1, SinDelacorteStories, essays, poetry on
one theme*Rush Hour: Volume 2, Bad BoysDelacorteStories, essays, poetry on
one themeCASSIDY, CATHY*DizzyVikingReuniting with her hippy momCHOLDENKO, GENNIFER*Al Capone Does
My ShirtsPutnam?sGrowing up on Alcatraz IslandCLARK, CATHERINE*The Alison RulesHarperTempestTrying to handle life?s surprisesCOHN, RACHEL*Pop PrincessSimon & SchusterSudden stardom at 16CORRIGAN, EIREANN*SplinteringScholasticA shattered family after an attackCREECH, SHARON*HeartbeatJoanna CotlerHow Annie fits into the rhythm of lifeCUMMINGS, PRISCILLA*Red KayakDuttonA tragedy that Brady may
have causedCURTIS, CHRISTOPHER PAUL*Bucking the SargeWendy LambWhen your mother is a slum lordDESSEN, SARAH*The Truth About ForeverVikingFacing the future after a
father?s deathDHAMI, NARINDER*Bindi BabesDelacorte3 cool sisters and their
interfering auntFLINN, ALEX*Nothing to LoseHarperTempestHiding the truth about his
father?s deathFORDE, CATHERINE*Fat Boy SwimDelacorteFamous for his size, with a
hidden talentFRAUSTINO, LISA ROWE, EDITOR*Don?t Cramp My StyleSimon & SchusterStories about that time of
the monthFREDERICKS, MARIAH*Head GamesRichard JacksonFriendship following online
role playingFRIEND, NATASHA*PerfectMilkweedCoping with an eating disorderFUSCO, KIMBERLY NEWTON
*Tending to Grace
KnopfCornelia?s hidden strengthsGARDNER, GRAHAM*Inventing ElliotDialChosen for a secret society
of bulliesHAUTMAN, PETE*GodlessSimon & SchusterThe power of belief in a
water towerHEMPHILL, STEPHANIE*Things Left UnsaidHyperionWhen a good girl is led astrayHERMES, PATRICIA*Summer SecretsMarshall CavendishMama?s madness and
other challengesHITE, SID*The King of
Slippery FallsScholasticSearching for fish, finding
his identityHOBBS, VALERIE*Letting Go of Bobby James, or How I Found My Self of SteamFrances FosterLife after an abusive marriageHRDLITSCHKA, SHELLEY*Kat?s FallOrcaUncovering truth and learning about loveJOHNSON, ANGELA*BirdDialRunaway girl searching for
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MEGAN, EDITOR*SixteenThree RiversStories about that sweet/bitter
birthdayMCCORD, PATRICIA*Pictures in the DarkBloomsburyAn unbearable life with
insane rules
10 11
We were completely clueless about how safe we?d be walking
around out here. One of the soldiers I?d talked to said there were hundreds of people heading into the countryside away from the action in order to try to disappear and wait out the trouble which suggested it would be like walking around in a shopping
mall. On the other hand I got the feeling that there were more than enough footpaths in England and the average refugee wouldn?t be interested in socializing. The soldier?s theory was that most of the people we were likely to meet would be English people but he also said that doesn?t mean that they won?t shoot you on sight.I couldn?t really believe that a whole bunch of enemy soldiers were going to spend their spare time crashing around in the undergrowth looking for stray people to shoot but it still seemed like a good idea to keep a
low profile for as long as possible or
at least while you were pretty sure
the world had lost its mind.How I
Live NowBY MEG ROSOFFWendy Lamb Books, 2004Novels
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mental illnessFROMM, PETE
As Cool As I Am
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The Curious Incident
of the Dog in the
DoubledayAn autistic boy playing SherlockHALPIN, BRENDAN*DonorboyRandom HouseSudden fatherhood for a
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of powerPECK, RICHARD*Past Perfect, Present TenseDialStories and tips on how
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Brady, finding her way
in the 60sRAPP, ADAM*Under the Wolf,
Under the DogCandlewickStruggling to cope with
a violent pastROBERTS, WILLO DAVIS*Blood on His HandsAtheneumOn the run, seeking his
father?s helpROSOFF, MEG*How I Live NowWendy LambThe bonds that form in
a time of warSHAW, SUSAN*The Boy from
the BasementDuttonEnduring the horrors of abuseSHUSTERMAN, NEAL*The Schwa Was HereDuttonBeing friends with an
unnoticeable boySONES, SONYA*One of Those
Hideous Books Where the Mother DiesSimon & SchusterStarting over in LA with a
movie-star dadSTRASSER, TODD*Can?t Get There from HereSimon & SchusterA tribe of homeless teens on
NYC streetsSTRAUSS, LINDA LEOPOLD*Really, Truly, Everything?s FineMarshall CavendishLearning the truth about a
family crisisTASHJIAN, JANET
*Vote for Larry
Henry HoltJosh?s recipe for getting electedTOWNLEY, RODERICK*SkyRichard JacksonCool jazz for a young NYC
pianist in 1959TRUEMAN, TERRY*Cruise ControlHarperTempestThe ?normal? kid with a
disabled brotherVIZZINI, NED*Be More ChillHyperionTransformed by a pill from
dork to hottieWILLIAMS, JULIE*Escaping Tornado SeasonHarperTempestPiecing together a new life
after lossWINSTON, SHERRI*ActingMarshall CavendishA twin sister claiming her
own identityWITTLINGER, ELLEN*Heart on My SleeveSimon & SchusterChallenge of a long-distance
relationshipWOODS, BRENDA*Emako BluePutnam?sRemembering a bright star
of South Central LAWYATT, MELISSA*Raising the GriffinWendy LambThrust into the role of Rovenia?s princeZEISES, LARA M.*Contents Under PressureDelacorteThe happiness and confusion
of being 14Earl closed the calculus book. Careful: that should be his name. Careful Walks Alone. Who else in the senior class, Indian or white, was doing homework on a Friday night? And not even homework he had to do, but extra work because he felt like it. He picked up the book, stuffed the calculator into its case, stood, walked into the living room
and past his mother without looking
at her. He kept his face impassive.
In his bedroom he found a nylon windbreaker, shrugged into it, slipped on Nikes. The wind gusted harder. His mother brushed her long, dark hair every night, but sometimes Earl wanted to ask her why. What was the point? Who was she brushing it for? He knew: his father. Cyrus Walks Alone. Earl knew roads could have sudden endings. He knew if light grew bright enough it could be the hardest thing in the world. But he wanted to tell his mother, sometimes, not to be so careful. And not to expect it so much from him. As far as Earl knew, his father had been careful. What good had
it done him?The Work
of WolvesBY KENT MEYERSHarcourt, 2004
12 13
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Getting Mother?s Body
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Diamond Dogs
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up a crimeRap,
Back in the Day
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Opening her heart in verse KONOW, DAVID
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a Rock & Roll StarBroadwayA look at the business of
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Mississippi TrialPhyllis FogelmanThe summer Emmett Till
A Northern LightHarcourtA girl?s dreams disturbed
by murderDURBIN, WILLIAM*The Darkest EveningOrchardFleeing a Communist
Finnish utopiaHARRIS, ROBERT
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Botany BayOrchardMary, 19 sent to Australia
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The ClaimHarperCollinsFrontier trials for an
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the 1780sRABIN, STATON*Betsy and the EmperorMargaret K. McElderryA young friend of the
captured NapoleonREES, CELIAPirates! BloomsburyGirls seeking treasure
BrothersFront StreetSold to be a
chimneysweepUPDALE, ELEANOR*Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman?OrchardMaster and servant
in one body*new book title
It was only much later, on that chilly morning in the prison hospital, that Montmorency realized how great a gift Sir Joseph Bazalgette had delivered. The map of the sewers, now imprinted on his mind because of his humiliation on the stage, could be the guide to his future career of crime. The tunnels were a new and secret route around London, serving, indeed, the richest areas, where the most profitable thieving could be done.He lay there constructing a series of fantasy
raids: seeing himself emerging from a hole in the ground, smashing, grabbing, and disappearing again as his victims and the flat-footed police ran around above his head frantically seeking the robber. He could almost feel the diamonds in his hand as he staged and restaged each crime. He wasn?t stupid. He knew there would be difficulties. In fact, the more he thought about the plan, the more difficulties he foresaw. But Montmorency knew that, locked up in prison, he had time, and he resolved to dedicate the years until his release to solving those problems, and to devising
the perfect method for getting as rich as the men who had giggled at him at the Scientific Society. This was going to be something far bigger than the petty thieving that had filled his life since childhood. But it needed to be worked out to the tiniest detail?. Montmorency:
Thief, Liar,
Gentleman?BY ELEANOR UPDALEOrchard Books, 2004
14 15
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deep space
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or How Our Moon
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Janice VanCleave?s A+ Projects in Astronomy
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The Life of Mammals Princeton Univ. Press From the pygmy shrew to the
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101 Salivations
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and his dogsKR?ER, KOBIE
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African wildlifeLACRAMPE, CORINE
Sleep and Rest
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Do reptiles dream?MILLS, STEPHEN*TigerFireflySupple, powerful, long,
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Lives of DogsPocketHow they relate
in their world
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Mad About PhysicsWileyBrain twisters, paradoxes,
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The Demon in
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Career Ideas for
Kids Who Like Math Facts on FileFrom actuary to urban plannerRIDLEY, MATT
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Boy ScoutRandom HouseBuilding a backyard
breeder reactorThe Universe and BeyondACKROYD, PETER*Escape from EarthDKOur journey into spaceBOERST, WILLIAM J.
Johannes KeplerMorgan ReynoldsDiscovered the laws of
celestial motionCHAIKIN, ANDREW*SpaceFireflyPhotos from The Final FrontierDUPAS, ALAIN*Destination MarsFireflyThe call of the red planetJACKSON, ELLEN
Looking for Life in
the UniverseHoughton MifflinScientists who look for E.T.sWhy Do We Say ?P.U.? When Something Smells Awful?We were wondering if the etymology
dates back to one P??le Pew?s debut on the silver screen. Perhaps the spray of a real skunk motivated the first exclamation of ?P.U.,? but a trip to any dictionary will confirm that this expression of displeasure long predated animated cartoons. Somewhat to our surprise, P.U. is not an abbreviation and not an acronym.In Latin, the word puteo means ?to stink, be redolent, or smell bad.? The Indo-European word pu refers to rot or decay, and many other languages contain words referring to bad smells that start with the letters pu. The English interjection phew refers to ?a vocal gesture expressing
impatience, disgust, discomfort, or weariness? according to the Oxford English Dictionary, and variants abound (pew,
pho, pheut, phoo, phugh, peugh, and
fogh, dating back as far as the early
seventeenth century).Do Elephants
Jump?BY DAVID FELDMANHarperCollins, 2004
16 17
Just a small blood-red spot in the night sky, Mars is not the most spectacular object in the heavens. The Moon shines with an incomparable
brightness, and two other planets, Venus and Jupiter, can be brighter. But Mars has indirectly presided over the development of humanity into a scientific and technological
civilization during the last few millennia. Aside from the Sun and Moon, no other heavenly object has been as important as Mars in the
history of humanity.Mars may hold the answer to a
fundamental question asked by science: Has life appeared anywhere other than on Earth? Throughout time, people have dreamed of conquest. Today, space exploration
offers it to them. If the expansion of humanity is to occur beyond planet Earth, it will likely start with Mars, which could become a second Earth, another planet where men, women and children could settle, work and live.This book is a voyage in space and time; it is fiction based on the latest scientific facts. It invites you for a voyage on the Tsiolkovski, an imaginary craft in the year 2030, with a crew of astronauts on board.Destination
Four Wings and
a PrayerVintage Amazing migration of
Monarch butterfliesHILL, JULIA BUTTERFLY
One Makes the DifferenceHarperSanFranciscoSmall changes you make
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and vinesLEUZZI, LINDA
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and changingMATTHEWS, ANNE
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global awarenessRENSHAW, AMANDA
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Wildflowers Around
the YearClarionSkunk Cabbage to New York IronweedST. ANTOINE, SARA
Stories from
Where We LiveMilkweedA celebration of the American prairieZEAMAN, JOHN
OverpopulationWattsA dangerous trend to ignoreThe Way Things
The Riddle of
the CompassHarvest Who invented it?BRAIN, MARSHALL
Marshall Brain?s
More How
Stuff WorksWileyFrom espresso machines to
fusion bombsHAMPTON, WILBORN
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transformed video gamesLEVY, JOEL
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modern lifeOWEN, DAVID *Copies in SecondsSimon & SchusterInventing the Xerox machine Ancient Stones
and BonesBAHN, PAUL G.
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past revealedBURNIE, DAVID*The Concise Dinosaur EncyclopediaKingfisherFrom the beginning to the age
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an ancient wonderNOTHDURFT, WILLIAM
The Lost Dinosaurs
of EgyptRandom HouseBombed in WWII, can new
fossils be found?OBREG?, MAURICIO
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of the SeaModern LibraryReal voyages remembered
now in mythSTANLEY, DIANE
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TrophyA Texas teen in an
Iron Age communityTURNER, ALAN AND MARICIO ANT?*National Geographic Prehistoric MammalsNational GeographicThey ruled after the dinosaursWILCOX, CHARLOTTE
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& Body PartsCarolrhodaHuman remains shed light
on many cultures*new book title
Red-Tails In LovePantheonHawks and other secrets of Central ParkZHI, L?
Giant Pandas
in the WildApertureStudying and saving an
endangered speciesMind
and BodyBRYNIE,
101 Questions About Food and Digestion That Have Been Eating at You... Until NowTwenty-First CenturyWhy you really are what
Human Body RevealedDKAn illustrated journey through your bodyFLEISCHMAN, JOHN
Phineas GageHoughton MifflinA gruesome advance in brain scienceFRIEDLANDER, MARK P., JR.
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Obsessive-Compulsive DisorderTwenty-First CenturyCauses, symptoms and current treatmentKENT, DEBORAH
Snake Pits,
Talking Cures,
& Magic BulletsTwenty-First CenturyA history of mental illnessMARRIOTT, EDWARD
PlagueMetropolitan BooksA threat as long as rats
have fleasMURPHY, WENDY
Spare PartsTwenty-First CenturyFrom peg legs to gene splicesNILSSON, LENNART AND LARS HAMBERGER*A Child is Born,
4th editionDelacorteThe miracle of human
reproductionOFRI, DANIELLE
Singular Intimacies
Being a doctor at BellevueROACH, MARY
StiffNortonThe curious lives of
CellsTwenty-First CenturyThe basic units of lifeSLOAN, CHRISTOPHER
Bury the Dead
National GeographicWhat the customs of death
reveal about usTRANSUE, EMILY R.*On CallSt. Martin?sPatients help educate a
Breast CancerTwenty-First CenturyWhat young women need to knowWALKER, RICHARD
Encyclopedia of
the Human Body
Colorful guide to all our
working partsWARD, BRIAN
EpidemicDKHow diseases spread and
how we fight themWERTH, BARRY
From Conception
to Birth
DoubledayAmazing views of human
developmentPlanet EarthARTHUS-BERTHRAND,
Earth From Above:
365 DaysAbramsPortraits of natural and
man-made beautyBANG, MOLLY
Nobody ParticularHoltOne woman?s fight to save
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Twenty-First CenturyProtector of the EvergladesGAUTHIER, GAIL
Saving the Planet
and StuffPutnam?sA summer job, a crusade
for Michael
18 19
Here and NowAIDSBAXTER, DANIEL J.The Least of These
My BrethrenHarcourt BraceStories from a NYC AIDS
the TearsVillardHydeia, 16, defying death
with her familyCHECK, WILLIAM A.AIDSChelsea HouseIts deadly history and current treatmentNASDIJJThe Boy and the Dog Are SleepingBallantineAwee, adopting a father to
care for himSTONE, ELIZABETHA Boy I Once KnewAlgonquinVince, teaching about life,
My Own StorySignetA teen?s courageous life
with AIDSWINICK, JUDDPedro and MeHoltFriendship, loss and
The Real WorldDo You
Believe?COBBAN, HELENAThe Moral Architecture of World PeaceUniv. Pr. of VirginiaConversations with 8
Nobel LaureatesDALAI LAMA XIVEthics for the New MillenniumRiverheadFinding happiness in a
complex worldGASKINS, PEARL*I Believe In...CricketFaith: Christian, Jewish, and Muslim teensKIMMEL, ERIC A.Bar MitzvahVikingHow a Jewish boy becomes
a manMACK, STANThe Story of the JewsJewish Lights4,000 years in cartoonsMCCAIN, JOHN WITH
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within yourselfMYERS, WALTER DEANA Time to LoveScholasticFaith tested beyond the ordinaryOLIVER, MARILYN TOWERMuhammadLucentThe founder of IslamPHILIP, NEIL*Mythology of
the WorldKingfisherStories of civilizations, gods
and heroesRIESS, JANA*What Would Buffy Do?WileyLeading viewers down
spiritual pathsSIMONS, GARY, COMPILERBe the DreamAlgonquinImmigrants, inner-city youth,
prep schoolsSTREISSGUTH, THOMASUtopian VisionariesOliverTrying to create a perfect societyTEZUKA, OSAMU*Buddha: Volume 2,
The Four EncountersVerticalMore from the life of SiddharthaWINSTON, DIANAWide AwakePerigeeA Buddhist guide for teensZEITLIN, STEVEThe Four Corners
of the SkyHenry HoltAncient stories of how the
world came to beThe Power
of WordsBROOKS, TERRYSometimes the
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ecstasy, moreTAYLOR, CLARKThe House that
Crack BuiltChronicleNumbing the pain,
killing the brainTULLSON, DIANE*Blue HighwayFitzhenry & WhitesideAlcohol and Ryan between best friends?We have reason to believe that religion and spirituality are very significant matters in the lives of many American teenagers,? states Smith. More than eighty percent of American teenagers hold some religious
affiliation, according to the study. Researchers also found the following
to be true about American teens:| About 35 percent say they attend
religious services weekly, and another 15 percent attend at least monthly.| About 30 percent say that religious faith is extremely important in their lives, and another 30 percent say
religious faith is somewhat important
in their lives.| About 40 percent report that they
pray daily.| About 40 percent have participated in a religious youth group for two years
or more.| About 25 percent say that they have been ?born again.?These statistics show that a large number
of American youth are religious and that many practice their faith. That?s not surprising, since religion?its practices, belief systems, and institutions?is a powerful force in our world.I Believe In? BY PEARL GASKINSCricket Books, 2004
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revised editionMorning GlorySupporting your partner and childMADARAS, LYNDAThe ?What?s
Happening to
My Body?? Book
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3rd editionNewmarketAnswers to
often-embarrassing questionsThe ?What?s Happening to My Body?? Book for Girls, 3rd editionNewmarketYour transformation to
womanhoodNAIK, ANITA*FlirtologyRazorbillGirls, flirting tips to win guysTOCCI, SALVATORESexually Transmitted DiseasesWattsThorough answers to
every questionYOUNG, CATHYOne Hot SecondKnopfStories about desireLGBTQ:
Being GayBOOCK, PAULADare Truth
or PromiseHoughton Mifflin2 girls ask: Have you ever been in love?DE OLIVEIRA, EDDIE*LuckyPushBisexual boys both in love with EmmaThe street collector you see today could well be a bum or a lunatic, that?s true enough, but just as easily a millionaire, a schoolteacher,
an accountant, a doctor, a housewife. Much of the story about what they collect, and how and why, is passed along orally, like some secret religion. And
perhaps because their pastime
is still so easily misunderstood??Ugh, you collect garbage?? is
the refrain that usually greets them?it?s seldom that they
willingly declare themselves.Only once you have acknowledged that you?re a believer too are collectors
happy to open up. And when they do, they blossom, like any real collector would, and their stories fascinate. Some of them also have a word for what they find, a word that is suitably playful and vague. It could be French, Chinese, or even African, but it is, quite appropriately, American slang, concocted in New York for any discarded item that is picked up, retrieved, rescued. That word is mongo.MongoBY TED BOTHABloomsbury USA, 2004
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Dogs Without CollarsSimon & SchusterFrom homeless shelters
to HarvardTRAIG, JENNIFER*Devil in the DetailsLittle, BrownA funny girl compelled
to be obsessiveTWOMEY, CATHLEENBeachmont LettersBoyds MillsEleanor, scarred by a fireRemarkable PeopleAPPELT, KATHI*My Father?s SummersHenry HoltComing of age in an
imperfect familyBROKAW, TOMA Long Way From HomeRandom HouseThe broadcaster?s youth in South DakotaCHRISTENSEN, BONNIE, COMPILERIn My Grandmother?s HouseHarperCollinsStories of ties
that bindCONLON-MCIVOR, MAURA*FBI GirlWarnerDeciphering her father?s secretsI try to say something, ask the woman with red hair if my mom is here, but I can?t move my mouth, and my throat is dry from all the cold air they?re making me breathe. I?m so cold. I wish I had a blanket or a sweater. I guess I do have a blanket, but I?m still so cold. Maybe when we get to the hospital, they?ll give me another blanket or a pair of sweatpants. My body hurts, everything everywhere
hurts. I close my eyes.Something?s different, I?m outside again. It?s windy. No, it?s not. I?m in an elevator, I can tell because of the doors and the lights. Who is that woman talking to me? How does she know my name? She looks like that other woman on that TV show I saw. And now there are even more lights and lots of people wearing masks. They?re putting me on a metal table. And it?s so cold, it?s so cold. And everybody?s
talking, but nobody?s talking to me. Somebody just said my urine is red. I don?t want red urine. I want to cry and I want to sleep. I want to go back.The Burn
JournalsBY BRENT RUNYONAlfred A. Knopf, 2004My father and I were in the laundry room and we were having a crisis. It was the strangest thing, but I couldn?t stop crying. And there were a few other weird things: I was wearing a yarmulke and a nightgown, for one, and then there were my hands, red and raw and wrapped in plastic baggies. My lip was split. There were paper towels under my feet. And weirdest of all, everything I owned seemed to be in the washing machine, whites and colors, clothes and shoes, barrettes and backpacks, all jumbled together. Huh.?Huh,? my father said, examining the Reebok Esprit Hello Kitty stew churning through
permanent press. ?You want to tell me what happened here??Wasn?t it obvious? The fumes from the bacon my sister had microwaved for dessert had tainted everything I owned, so now it all had to be washed. But this sort of rational explanation hadn?t been going over well with my father lately. I scramble to think of another, turning lies over in my mouth: it was homework, an experiment; it was performance art, a high-concept piece protesting
the consumerization of tweens. I glanced up at my father and down at the machine, then dragged my baggied wrist under my nose and exhaled.
?I don?t know.?Devil in
the DetailsBY JENNIFER TRAIGLittle, Brown and Company, 2004
24 25
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Harlem yearsPATCHETT, ANN*Truth & BeautyHarperCollinsA powerful friendship
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Young Girl,
definitive editionDoubledayHer innermost feelings from
her hiding placeGESSEN, MASHA*Ester and RuzyaDialGrandmothers reliving
Russia?s historyAs we uncovered the deeper layers of the grave, the state of the bodies progressed from skeletonized to mummified to simply decomposing. The direct sunlight during our workday sped up decomposition, creating
stench and a sense of stillness.
As the number of bodies went into the hundreds, there was barely any soil left between them, they were so tightly pressed together. The reduction in the amount of backdirt that had to be removed meant faster exhumation. This was important, because we had no idea how many more bodies lay below: would it be the one thousand we had estimated on the basis of witness
reports? The less skeletonized condition also sped up exhumation, because a body could be lifted out almost whole: we no longer had to carefully gather more than two hundred
individual bones. However, we were delayed by the way in which the bodies were entangled with
each other.The Bone
WomanBY CLEA KOFFRandom House, 2004
26 27
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South AfricaMCCALL SMITH, ALEXANDER*The Girl Who Married
a Lion and Other
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and Botswana NAIDOO, BEVERLEYOut of BoundsHarperCollinsSeven stories of South
African livesNAZER, MENDE AND DAMIEN LEWIS*SlavePublicAffairsSeized from her Sudanese
village at 12PATON, ALANCry, the Beloved CountryScribner?sA Zulu parson in search
of his sonREEF, CATHERINEThis Our Dark CountryClarionLiberia, its ongoing,
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Land of NoCrownComing of age as revolution sweeps IranHOSSEINI, KHALEDThe Kite RunnerRiverheadAmir and Hassan: friends in KabulKASS, PNINA MOED*Real TimeClarionOne violent moment on a Jerusalem highwayIn 1913 Alice Paul helped plan a parade. It wasn?t the nation?s first demonstration in support of votes for women, and it wasn?t the last one. This parade became a turning
point, though, in the 72-year struggle for the right of women to vote in the United States.Alice Paul organized the parade just as a general might plan for battle. Timing was crucial. The event was set for Monday, March 3, the day before the Inauguration of the nation?s 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. Alice Paul and her collaborators knew that plenty of people, including the media would be on hand already for that occasion and would see and report about their event. Location was critical, too. They insisted that the parade follow the same prestigious route reserved for the Inaugural procession. A small army of volunteers helped design floats, recruit bands, and enlist marchers for the event. Organizers wanted so many women to gather from so many places and with such a varied set of credentials that their presence would be overwhelming.With Courage
and ClothBY ANN BAUSUMNational Geographic, 2004
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and passionI am a girl. A girl must walk fast, head down, as if counting the number of steps she?s taking.
She may never stray from her path or look up, for if a man were to catch her eye, the whole village would label her a charmuta. If a married neighbor woman, or an old woman, or just anybody were to see her out without her mother or her older sister, without her sheep, her bundle of hay, or her load of figs, they would right away say charmuta. A girl must be married
before she can raise her eyes and look straight ahead, or go into a shop, or pluck her eyebrows and wear jewelry. My mother was married at fourteen. If a girl is still unmarried by that age, the village begins to make fun of her. But a girl must wait her turn in the family to be married.
The oldest daughter first, then the others.Burned
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in the USAI sat there, thinking about home. Hollywood, that was home. Las Cruces, this house I?d lived in all my life. My room no bigger than a monk?s. Home was everything that could fit in my room. A bed, a desk, that?s all that fit. More like a big closet, really. But it was all I?d ever known. Part of me wanted more. But part of me could have stayed in this house forever. I could still smell my mom in this house. I swear I could. My dad, he?d saved some of her clothes in his closet. Maybe that?s why her smell was still in our house. My dad didn?t know?that I knew about my mom?s clothes. This was home.I wondered what it would be like to leave, what it would be like to be homesick. Maybe I was thinking about home and about leaving because I was holding a letter of acceptance in my hand. A letter from a university, a real American university. Not that it mattered. I wasn?t going. I knew that, but damnit it felt good to get accepted. But it felt bad, too. I don?t even know why I?d applied, a waste of time. Maybe I sometimes had these demons of optimism that just took over my body. But then, life, well, life just sort of exorcised those demons. And I was back to my serious, get-real-you?re-just-a-guy-from-Hollywood attitude. That?s what you needed to survive. Otherwise you?d break. Like Reyes. Maybe that?s why he did heroin?because his dreams were too big. And the only way
he could get at those dreams was through shooting some stuff up his veins.Sammy & Juliana
in HollywoodBY BENJAMIN ALIRE S?ENZCinco Puntos Press, 2004
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of EducationBUDDY MULLENSTwenty-Four-Hour ManI arrivethe day beforewhen there is no circus,only dreams of one in the hearts of kids.Without methey would only wishfor the ?Greatest Show on Earth.?They call me the ?make sure guy.?I make sure the lot is laid out,midway, menagerie,big top, dressing tent;make sure hay bales are stacked,grain sacks piled,gasoline and food delivered.Make sure it?s all therebefore the train steams into towntomorrow morning.After I make surewe?ll be readyfor clownsand wild beastsand high-wire walkers,I tramp the neighborhoodsand make sure the advance manhas plastered bannerswhere the kids can hearthe bright bold letters and a roaring tigercalling them to a show they?ll never forget.Worlds
AfireBY PAUL B. JANECZKOCandlewick, Press, 2004In early September, 1654, the ship Sainte Catherine docked at the Wharf in New Amsterdam, a Dutch town that was soon to be renamed New York. About twenty-three Jews straggled
off the ship. Historians still differ as to the exact number, but agree that the group included men, women, and children. All were exhausted after their long, miserable voyage from Recife, formerly a Dutch colony in Brazil, where they could no longer practice their faith. Like the Pilgrims who had arrived on the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock thirty-four years earlier, they were seeking religious freedom. Unlike the Pilgrims, they did not want their own colony. Instead, they wished to live among the local residents and conduct trade.On the way to America, the Jewish voyagers,
rocking back and forth in the cramped wooden ship, had suffered from seasickness.
Legends tell that pirates had attacked them and had stolen most of their money and possessions. When they finally landed in New Amsterdam, they could not pay for their expensive trip. The captain sued, forcing them to sell everything they had left to settle their debt. But the small group of Jews believed that at last they had found a safe home. The immigrants soon discovered this was not the case.L?Chaim!BY SUSAN RUBIN GOLDMANHarry N. Abrams, Inc., 2004
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CAMILO JOS?Subway MemoriesMonacelli PressThe trains, the stations,
the ridersVIZZINI, NEDTeen Angst?
Naaah... Free SpiritNed?s year at
High SchoolWOLFMAN, IRAJewish
New YorkUniverseLandmarks,
food, people...*new book titleIn 1868, state senator and notoriously corrupt city leader Boss Tweed decided what would and what would not
be built in New York, and the only projects the graft-addicted politician allowed to rise were those that could give him a hefty slice of the pie. Beach wanted
to build the city?s first subway, but he knew that the man who sat in Tammany Hall, just a shadow?s length from the Sun?s offices, would have his hand out, and Beach refused to pay him off. ?I won?t pay political blackmail,? he told his brother. ?I say, let?s build
it furtively.??We propose to run the line to Central Park, about five miles in all,? he would eventually proclaim. ?When completed, we should be able to carry twenty thousand passengers
a day at speeds up to a mile a minute.? But for now there were no proclamations, just secret plans. For nineteenth-century New Yorkers, Beach?s idea for a subway line was beyond comprehension. No one went down into the earth to get from one part of the city to another.SubwaysBY LORRAINE B DIEHLCrown, 2004
WHEN I FINALLY WENT OUT on my own to find a colony of wild New York City rats, I ended up talking to a lot of exterminators. Exterminators, or pest control technicians as they often prefer to be known, are the philosopher kings of the rat-infested world, the trap- and poison-toting mystics. I have gleaned many insights from them. Practically speaking, I have learned about the significance of spotting
rats during the day. ?When you see rats in the daytime, boy, the population
is so large that the night feeding won?t support them,? one exterminator told me. ?Only the dominant rats are getting
enough to eat, and the weaker rats, they?ve gotta take a chance and go out during they day. They don?t really want to be out during the day.? Likewise, I learned about the strength of rats vis-?vis cats. Here is this anecdote from an exterminator
working in New York, in the borough of Queens: ?A woman said to me, ?Oh, we?re going to get a cat!?? he recalled. ?I said, ?Miss, please don?t put that cat in the cellar.? Then I came back two weeks later and I?m picking up the hair and the bones of the cat. They think it?s like in the cartoons. But in the cartoons it?s Tom and Jerry the mouse, not Tom and Jerry the rat!? RatsBY ROBERT SULLIVANBloomsbury USA, 2004
36 37
SCHWARTZ, ELLENI Love YogaTundraBreathe, move, relaxSECKEL, ALThe Great Book
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38 39
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StoriesBRADLEY, KIMBERLYHalfway to the SkyDelacorteLessons learned on the Appalachian TrailCHILD, LINCOLNUtopiaDoubledayA futuristic theme park
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of misfitslDEUKER, CARLHigh HeatHoughton MifflinPitching as life falls apartESCKILSEN, ERIK E.*OffsidesHoughton MifflinWhen the team?s mascot
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off Alaska?s coastHOROWITZ, ANTHONY*Eagle StrikePhilomelTeen spy trying to stop a madmanKARR, KATHLEENBone DryHyperionScanning the Sahara for clues
to the pastAllen Iverson:
By Any Means NecessaryCrooked cornrowscause chaoticand catastrophic collisionswith precision.Your mission and goal:put the ballin the holeusing lightning-quick speedand total body control.Tattooed warriorsinking shots legendaryputting up pointsby any means necessary...Hoop KingsBY CHARLES R.
SMITH, JR.Candlewick Press, 2004I try not to think about the fact that I am stuck. Though it?s an irrepressible reality, thinking about it doesn?t help my situation.
Instead, I concentrate on finding small weaknesses in the face of the boulder just above and to the left of my trapped right wrist. My earlier instincts led me to etch a demarcation line above the softball-sized volume of rock that I have decided I must eradicate to gain my freedom. I?m speculating on a flaw in the rock?s structure, in a slight concavity that?s above the bulge almost six inches from my wrist; the demarcation line runs through this concavity. I start at my line, high on the face of the rock but a few inches below the top, and hack downward, attacking as near to my mark as I can manage. Tapping, then pounding, my multi-tool?s three-inch stainless-steel blade against the stone, I try to hit the same spot with each strike. Everything else?the pain, the thoughts of rescue, the accident itself?recedes. I?m taking action. My mind seems determined to find and exploit any seams or natural cleavage of the chockstone to hasten the removal of material. Every few minutes, I pause to look over the boulder?s entire surface to make sure I?m not missing a more obvious target.But the going is imperceptibly slow. Between a Rock
and a Hard PlaceBY ARON RALSTONAtria, 2004
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bulk orders ? $1.50.Order from the Office of Branch Libraries, The New York Public Library, 455 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016.? 2005 by The New York
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