Changemaker paper

Building A Pipeline for Justice: Understanding Youth Organizing and the Leadership Pipeline

February 28, 2018

In Occasional Paper Series #10, Shawn Ginwright explores how youth organizing is an effective entry point for a more sustainable, long-term progressive, social justice movement. He asks the important question: how can we continue to build leadership from the most affected population, to guide us through, and into the coming decades of the millennium?

The paper draws from a deep well of information gathered from youth organizing groups across the country. FCYO conducted a national web-based survey of 160 youth organizing groups and also participated in conversations with more than 80 such groups. These conversations resounded with the need to think about how we systematically reach those most affected by disparities and injustice at a young age, build their strength collectively and individually to address those injustices and ensure that their voices continue to grow as they age, to enrich and inform a broader democracy.

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Note: this resource was originally published in 2010. It was reviewed and updated in February 2018.