Bush Budget Offers Deaths and Resurrections: The Ax Plan

Andrew D. Beadle
March 1, 2002
The Ax Plan

President Bush proposes to rescind 2002 funding for 29 Department of Education programs, including:

  • Rural education, $163 million.
  • Smaller Learning Communities, $142.2 million.
  • Physical Education for Progress, $50 million.
  • Underground Railroad, $2 million.
  • Literacy programs for prisoners, $5 million.
  • Arts in Education, $30 million.
  • Parental Assistance Information Centers, $40 million.
Trying Again

The president’s budget revives several proposals that Congress had previously rejected, including:

  • Mentoring children of prisoners, $25 million.
  • Promoting responsible fatherhood, $20 million.
  • Maternity group homes, $10 million.
  • Education assistance for teens aging out of foster care, $60 million.

Beadle, Andrew D. "Bush Budget Offers Deaths and Resurrections: The Ax Plan." Youth Today, March 2002, p.14.

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