Changing the World One Grilled Cheese at a Time

March 16, 2012

FeelGood is a movement to end hunger in our lifetime, an accredited program for a new generation of social entrepreneurs, and a community of people who share a common vision of a world free from hunger; a world that works for all life.

More than 1 billion members of our human family suffer from chronic, global hunger. It’s a reality that lies at the root of many of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

To respond to this global crisis, FeelGood students earn money for the end of hunger by running FeelGood Grilled Cheese Delis on their college campuses. Highly profitable, all deli proceeds—100%—are invested in organizations with a proven track record of sustainably eradicating global hunger.

More than a point of sale, FeelGood Delis are also a point of dialogue—a place to engage customers in an exploration of the causes, consequences and solutions to global hunger, from the broader perspective of our interconnected and interdependent world.

FeelGood students also take initiatives beyond the Deli, designing and executing events and campaigns to bring the message of ending global hunger to the extended campus community and beyond.

Thanks to the dedication and initiative of our students, the FeelGood movement is spreading around the country, and gaining national media attention.

Learn more about FeelGood World and the young people who have made this movement happen in this video: