Chapin Hall Center for Children

January 16, 2002

Who are they?

The Chapin Hall Center for Children at the University of Chicago was established in 1985 as a research and development center dedicated to bringing sound information, rigorous analyses, innovative ideas and an independent perspective to the ongoing public debate about the needs of children and the ways in which those needs can best be met.

They start from the position that society has a responsibility to children and that attending to the needs of children serves the interest of the larger society as well. Chapin Hall's primary work is research that addresses two questions: (1) What does our society now do for children? and (2) What other approaches might we as a society take to meet our responsibility to children?

The Center focuses its work on all children, while devoting particular attention to children facing special risks or challenges, such as poverty, abuse and neglect, mental and physical illness. The contexts in which children are supported — primarily their families and communities — are of particular interest.

Program highlight

A longstanding research area is the multifaceted exploration of the role of caring in the provision of services that support youth development. Examinations of caring, underway at Chapin Hall for more than half a decade, reached a substantial peak with the publication of They Still Pick Me Up When I Fall: The Role of Caring in Youth Development and Community Life (Columbia University Press, 2000). This book represents not only the culmination of a significant and path-breaking line of Chapin Hall research, but also an effort to reach out to additional audiences with the ideas drawn from Chapin Hall's work. One example is Chapin Hall's documentation of the After-School Action Program, which was published in January 2001 in CYD Journal: Community Youth Development, a periodical read by program managers and staff.

What else do they do?

Projects and Publications: 2000-2001 provides summary descriptions of current and recently completed activities and writing in each of Chapin Hall's major areas of endeavor:

  • Children's Services;
  • Primary Supports for Child and Youth Development;
  • Community Building;
  • Schools' Connections with Other Organizations;
  • International Projects; and
  • Special Projects and Consultations.

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