City Leadership to Promote Black Male Achievement

October 5, 2012

The National League of Cities’ Institute for Youth, Education and Families offers City Leadership to Promote Black Male Achievement, a new municipal action guide for reducing the persistent disparities between black males and their peers in the areas of education, work and family.  Black males continue to face some of the largest disadvantages of any demographic group in America.  In 2008, the Open Society Foundations launched the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, which aims to create hope and opportunity for black men and boys who are marginalized from economic, social, educational and political life in the United States. Development of the NLC guide was made possible by support from the Campaign.

The guide presents a wide range of action steps for strengthening families, improving educational achievement and expanding access to family-supporting employment opportunities, with recommendations drawn from the experience of municipal leaders who have made black male achievement a top priority for their cities.