Communications Planning for Youth-Serving Organizations: A Handbook

August 10, 2012

Reaching the Grad Nation goals requires the participation of all segments of our communities — civic and business leaders, elected officials, educators, parents, young people and others. And crucial to earning their support are communications that demonstrate, clearly and powerfully, why they need to join this effort.

This new Communications Handbook offers practical, field-tested guidance for planning that kind of effective outreach. It is designed to help you develop your organization’s goals, key audiences, key messages and messengers, strategies, and expected outcomes and metrics.

This handbook compiles lessons from communications trainings that America’s Promise conducted in five diverse communities in the fall of 2011: Atlanta, Durham, Indianapolis, Nashville and New Orleans. It contains both advice for strategic communications planning and examples of high-quality outreach materials, such as press releases. It also provides a model communications plan developed during one of the trainings.

In addition, the number of ways to share news about your good work grows each month. Unfortunately, your time doesn't. How do you decide where to focus? Grad Nation hosted a webinar highlighting methods for strategically reaching your key audiences. It examined effective ways to set goals, target audiences, identify messages and messengers, and implement tactics – all to create a communications plan that produces results and deploys your resources efficiently. Hear the recording here.