Compelling Cartoon: A Face and Story for DREAMers

Ryan Schill, Greg Scott
August 16, 2012

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) and Cartoon Movement have joined forces to bring a new face and medium to the discussion around young, bright people forced into jails and deportation after being brought to the United States as young children. 

This original cartoon tells the story of Jessica Colotl, a bright college student  who was detained as an illegal alien and now faces deportation, months before she was set to graduated from Kennesaw State University with her degree.  Inspired and informed by interviews with Jessica, JJIE's Ryan Schill and self-taught cartoon artist Greg Scott bring her story to life--a story that has become a flash point for America's immigration debate and advocacy for the DREAM Act.

Schill and Scott beautifully capture the struggle that Jessica endures alongside her heartfelt passion to stay in the United States to continue her dream of graduation college.

Learn more about Schill's process of interviewing Jessica and what the story means for the immigration topic in his interview with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

Read and share Jessica's compelling story here.  It is available in Spanish here.



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