Conditions of Education in California 1994-95

Michael Kirst
April 1, 1995

This is the ninth edition of "Conditions of Education in California." In this volume, PACE has compiled information on current critical issues in state education policy and presented them within the context of major policy developments. The Evolving Context introduces the current issues in the state and sets the stage for the remaining chapters. They are: Assessment and Achievement, Finance, Teachers and Teaching, Integrated Children's Services, Child Care and Development Services, and School-to-Work.

Founded in 1983 as a cooperative venture between the schools of education at UC Berkeley and Stanford University, PACE is an independent policy research center whose primary aim is to enrich education policy debates with sound analysis and hard evidence. From issues around preschooling and child development, to K-12 school finance, to higher education outreach, PACE is dedicated to defining issues thoughtfully and assessing the relative effectiveness of alternative policies and programs. PACE provides analysis and assistance to California policymakers, education professionals, and the general public.