Congress Gold Mouse Awards

November 28, 2011

CMF has been grading Congressional websites and communications since 2001 and issues biannual Congressional Gold Mouse Awards for the best websites on Capitol Hill for each Congress.

Key findings of the award this year were:

  • The overall quality of congressional websites has improved between 2009 and 2011.
  • A significant number of Member websites lack basic educational and transparency features and content valuable to their constituents.
  • House Members elected in 2010 developed much better websites in their first year in office compared to their Senate counterparts.
  • The use of social media tools by congressional offices has risen exponentially, and offices are using them more frequently in 2011 compared to 2009.
  • Democratic and Republican Member websites are generally similar in quality, although Democratic Members had a higher percentage of award-winning websites (with a grade of A).
  • House committee websites saw a drastic swing in quality between parties, with Democratic committee sites dropping sharply and Republican committee sites rising sharply.

Check out the 2012 winners and more about these tech innovation awards in the link below.