Corporation for National & Community Service

January 1, 2000

The nation’s largest grantmaker supporting service and volunteering, the Corporation sponsors AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve America and Senior Corps to help people of of all ages and backgrounds to express their patriotism while addressing critical community needs. You'll find research on best practices, the impact of volunteering and service on communities and volunteers themselves, and tools to find local opportunities.

As the nation continues to face an economic crisis, volunteers may be needed more now than ever.  Many nonprofits are facing the challenge of increased demand for services at the same time they face the problem of diminished resources.  In response, many are turning more to volunteers who can provide vital support to help them continue to meet growing needs.  New research at shows that despite all the additional stresses of a difficult economy, volunteers are still serving.   In fact while charitable giving declined for the first time in over 20 years, volunteering held steady between 2007, when 26.2 percent of Americans volunteered and 2008, during which 26.4 percent volunteered.