A Cost-Effective Solution to Poverty

December 30, 2010

The latest Spotlight commentary
takes a close look at Cincinnati Works, which helps low-income
individuals in the Cincinnati area achieve economic self-sufficiency
through comprehensive employment programs. Contributor
Liane Phillips, co-founder of Cincinnati Works, argues that successful job programs
should follow a set of guidelines that include a focus on retention to
help individuals maintain stable employment; support for families as
they work towards self-sufficiency; and independence from government
funding to ensure that the program is not limited in who they can serve
and how they can serve them. By following these principles, Cincinnati
Works has been able to assist 6,000 people with employment and achieved
an 80 percent retention rate, all for less than $3,000 per job
placement. This cost-effective approach has increased participants’
wages tenfold, helping members earn more than $75,000,000 just last