The Cybercitizen Awareness Program

October 1, 2000 is an educational site launched last month for youths and parents about "cyber ethics," "netiquet," and "cybercitizenship." It lists 10 commandments for young web users (obvious stuff such as "thou shalt not snoop around in other people's computer files") and three approaches parents can take to enforce them — developing an understanding of the technology, participating with the child online and determining what standards have been established for in-school computer use. The site offers advice on the when, how and what of teaching kids to be responsible and safe on the Internet. A "quick quiz" allows parents to test their cyber ethics know-how, but some may find the assessment of e-parenting skills somewhat preachy: it asserts that any parent who doesn't realize it is illegal to download copyrighted music off the Internet (as many kids and adults are inclined to do) does not "know where to draw the line online." The Cybercitizen Awareness Program is sponsored by the ITAA Foundation and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Bracken, Amy, and Sarah Edelman. Web Watch. Youth Today, October 2000, p. 14.

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