October 1, 2000 has sparked controversy for its provision of home test kits for the rave drug Ecstasy and its publishing of lab results of Ecstasy tests. The site is also controversial because it favors public education over "cracking down" on drugs. This means that when DanceSafe, a California-based national nonprofit public education and "harm reduction" organization, says, "This is your brain on Ecstasy," it doesn't show an egg frying in a pan. Instead, it presents a slide show on what actually happens to a brain on Ecstasy. The result is that the site comes across as honest. The site profiles seven other rave drugs, explaining what they are, their effects (good and bad), dosage, addictiveness, warnings, and what to do if someone overdoses. The site has been accused of promoting drug use, but it does show the dangers of drugs, reporting on fatalities that have resulted from their use.

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