De-Fragging Government?

February 1, 2012

Okay so that's an old-school computer term before the days of solid state hard drives. (We know some of you remember when you had to periodically de-frag!)

Try these infographics on for size. Better coordination at the federal level can mean more effective work and better outcomes. On the left is the Obama administration's plan to merge agencies and streamline bureaucracy for businesses (before and after). On the right is what a family in Los Angeles has to contend with to get basic supports ranging from education and health to nutrition and child welfare.

If you were to write the "after" what would it look like? Post your pictures, words and thoughts in the comment section below!

Click to enlarge image.


Source: Obama Administration (left); Margaret Dunkle, 2002, Understanding LA Services that Affect Families, full citation (right).





I think this is really important. I have no idea what the best way to do this would be but as a small business owner, if I asked my customers to go to 30 different places and talk to 10 different people to get what they needed, I&;d be out of business in a hurry. yes to simplifying this.

Making it Easier to Get Help in America
1 Family Intake Center per community
1 website to find your local Intake Center
1 Hotline where you put in your zip code and you connect to your local Intake Center
1 local oversight board made up of only clients; no bureaucrats (Not a jury of one&;s peers, but a Board)

I like this - especially the oversight Board. Nice!