Documentary & Discussion Guide - Pursuit of the Dream: Building Credit for Life

January 12, 2010

The Foundation is releasing its latest documentary, Pursuit of the Dream: Building Credit for Life, aimed at working families trying to build financial stability and move up the economic ladder.
The documentary and guide explains how a good credit rating will save the average borrower $250,000 in interest over a lifetime. But some 70 million Americans either have poor credit scores or no credit history at all. The 20 minute DVD includes tips for building a good score and for avoiding money traps that can drag down credit ratings.





That&;s a new house right there! So by just obtaining a better credit rating I should be able to save enough to buy a house for my kids? Savings depend on your income so it could not be a house but I&;ll definitely save some money. It looks like there are plenty of credit blogs so it&;s just a matter of being persistent.