Effective Youth Work

January 1, 1987

The focus is largely upon work happening in associational settings open to a range of young people such as uniformed organizations, church youth groups, youth clubs and school-based youth centres. There is also an orientation towards planned intervention and activity. Taken together, the report can be seen as promoting a form of youth work that would be familiar to the writers of the Albemarle (1960), Fairbairn-Milson (1969) and Thompson (1982) reports (although different writers might put more of an emphasis on community development, informality and relationship and so on). There were some indicators of what was to come - the concern with 'effectiveness and occasional framing within curriculum thinking for example. However, one of the striking features is what is absent: there is no strong interest in targeting particular groups, not one use of the term 'delivery', and no mention of accreditation.