ESEA Waiver Proposal: What Does It Mean?

October 12, 2011

The Obama administration has given states flexibility to opt out of aspects of the No Child Left Behind bill. Our smart buddies at AASA have a quick summary of what it means for schools and states.

Details on the Waiver Package
States will receive flexibility in 10 areas if they adopt three policy priorities. The AASA blog gives you the details here. AASA member and Springfield (Ohio) Superintendent David Estrop was invited to join President Barack Obama on stage for the president's remarks on the waiver program. Picture and story here.

Pleased With Intent of AASA's Waivers, But ...
Following President Obama's announcement of the waiver proposal, AASA Executive Director issued a statement in which he said that AASA will continue to urge relief for schools via regulatory relief, the suspension of AYP and the 2014 targets, the ability of states to design their own accountability system and the removal of the 20 percent set-aside for SES and choice. Full statement here.

A Better Way To Fix No Child Left Behind
Lamar Alexander, a Republican senator from Tennessee and former secretary of education, describes the five bills that he and several other senators have introduced to fix the problems with ESEA. More here.