Expelled in Preschool

Sara Neufeld
April 14, 2015
Children who exhibit violent, disruptive behavior in school can be distracting and harmful to other children. The need to protect and provide a safe environment for students is important, including those who misbehave. This leaves teachers and adminstrators to decide the best punishment for bad behavior, often resulting in suspensions and expulsions.
But what if the root causes for these behavioral issues aren't as easy to pinpoint? In Chicago, early childhood mental health consultants are working with teachers on how to spot misbehavior in children that could be a result of deeper issues like trauma or problems at home. But this brings up a bigger issue, the alarming rate of pre-schoolers being expelled in comparison to children in kindergarten.  
To help with this issue, teachers need proper training in dealing with behavioral issues in children. In the long run, this can help build a stronger teacher-student relationship. Fortunately, there has been a national push to support this effort through funding for child care services.  
Read the full article to learn how a school in Chicago was able to pinpoint the need for mental health services and work towards reducing expulsion of preschoolers. 



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