Extended-Service Schools

K. Walker
January 1, 2000

This interim report shares some of the early lessons learned about the initiation of collaborative school-based programs during the non-school hours. Exploring the implementation/adaptation of four school/community collaboration models: the Beacons, Community Schools, WEPIC (West Philadelphia Improvement Corporation) and Bridges to Success, the project’s design includes both model variation and city-level variation, in order to explore how different models may be more effective in certain areas, and how specific aspects of models may lend themselves to certain situations. The initiative and its evaluation intend to provide a richer set of lessons about how such collaborations unfold than could be gleaned from an evaluation of a single model or single collaboration. This preliminary report examines the planning processes (how cities approach collaboration/program development), as well as the types of activities offered in programs. The next report will explore the impact of the programs on participants.