Fight Over Collective Bargaining Moves from Wisconsin to Ohio

February 22, 2011

Protesters are converging on the Ohio Statehouse to protest as state senators hold a hearing on a bill to weaken the collective bargaining rights of state workers' unions — including firefighters, police and teachers. Republican leaders in the state Senate say the move is needed to curtail the state's projected $8 billion, two-year budget deficit.

The differences between Ohio and Wisconsin run deeper than Buckeyes and
Badgers. The bill Ohio legislators are considering would restrict
collective bargaining for government employees, including firefighters
and police - two groups excluded from Wisconsin's plan.

In addition, Republicans hold
comfortable majorities in both houses in Ohio, so a vote could be held even
if Democrats "follow the lead of their Wisconsin and Indiana peers
and flee the state."

Listen to the NPR clip and read the transcript at the link below.