Financial Aid: Sooner, Simpler, Smarter

December 19, 2013

Changes to federal higher education policy that simplify financial aid and make better information available to students will help more Americans afford college and complete a postsecondary credential or degree. Deciding where to attend college is a crucial decision, one that is made more difficult by the current financial aid process and lack of information about outcomes. The consequences of the current financial aid system and lack of information about outcomes affects students, policymakers, and employers. But there are ways we can improve college choice through reforming the financial aid process and making better information available for everyone.

Sooner, Simpler, Smarter: Policy Change for Better College Choice was released by the National College Access Network with contributing research and background from College Board, Institute for Higher Education Policy, and New America Foundation, each of whom will release a detailed research report in the new year. Additional partners contributing to this work include the Center for Law and Social Policy, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, and Young Invincibles.

Find more infographics and the full report here.





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