Finding Common Agendas: How Young People are Being Engaged in Community Change Efforts

December 18, 2001

This volume introduces a set of framing questions for gauging levels of youth involvement in community development and uses that framework to summarize the findings from a Community Development Associates survey. In Part I, Thaddeus Ferber and Karen Pittman reflect on the range of responses to youth found among organizations that have community change as their primary mission. They outline the challenge and rationale for community development organizations as youth developers and introduce ten critical questions to help community development organizations describe and reflect on what they do with and for their younger residents. Part II consists of findings from a national survey of community development organizations conducted by Donna Wharton-Fields and Benjamin Butler of Community Development Associates, Inc., detailing the strategies and goals of community development organizations working with youth. Accompanying this report are six case studies of selected community development organizations: Alamo Area Mutual Housing Association, Inc., San Antonio, Texas; Bertie, Martin and Washington Community Development Corporation, Eastern North Carolina; El Centro de la Raza, Seattle, Washington; Greater North-Pulaski Development Corporation, Chicago, Illinois; Oak Hill Community Development Corporation, Worcester, Massachusetts; and The Point Community Development Corporation, Bronx, New York.