#FixYoungAmerica: 300 Campus-Wide Rallies for Youth Employment, & More

April 5, 2012

If a young Steve Jobs could do it, so can today’s youth. Share your ideas for how to support young entrepreneurs among the millennial and younger generations with this new campaign from the Young Entrepreneur Council. The campaign urges decision makers to move beyond the negative talk and introduce real, proven solutions to our nation’s biggest problem: How to overcome the epidemics of youth unemployment and underemployment to "FIx Young America."

From policy ideas and educational programs, to private sector solutions and philanthropic activities, the #FixYoungAmerica initiative aims to provide politicians, educators, community leaders, executives and ordinary citizens with best practices and tangible solutions straight from the leaders who are in the trenches getting results right now.

Here is an update on their latest call to action--a 300 campus-wide day of action to raise awareness of young unemployment. Read all about it:

#FixYoungAmerica Rally on April 19th To Reach 1 Million Students on 300 Campuses, Raising Awareness About The Youth Unemployment Epidemic

The Rallies Co-Sponsored by The National Society of Collegiate Scholars and The Young Entrepreneur Council with MTV Act and mtvU Will Energize College Students in All 50 States With The Goal of Recruiting Stephen Colbert to Support The Cause

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS), comprised of nearly 1 million lifetime members, is joining forces with the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) on Thursday, April 19th at 2:00 p.m. ET with the participation of hundreds of NSCS college campus chapters across the nation, including Penn State, Ohio State, Rutgers, UCLA, and MIT, all of which will help spread the message about YEC’s #FixYoungAmerica (#FYA) campaign.

The campaign strives to spotlight the proven solutions already working to propel young workers, including young unemployed veterans, towards sharing unemployment solutions rarely talked about in the public square, the political arena or the American mainstream media. Before and during the rally, students will participate in a nationwide social media campaign to recruit Stephen Colbert, hero to many Millennials with his large Colbert Nation following, to support the #FYA cause.

The #FYA campaign recognizes the harsh reality for 2012 college graduates seeking new jobs in this bleak economy, post-graduation. The rally will give college students the chance to present a unified voice for their generation and rebuild the American dream by spreading the word through NSCS social media channels, sharing and expanding on ideas with like-minded individuals, offering solutions and legislative ideas and the resolve to make a difference.

“We are excited to be engaged in activating our network of high achievers to create awareness and promote action around tangible ways to fix America,” shares Steve Loflin, NSCS Founder and Chief Executive Officer. NSCS chapters will begin a must-needed dialogue about all aspects of unemployment and underemployment, current legislation and the economy using entrepreneurship to lay the foundation for jumpstarting the economy. NSCS students are invited to offer their solutions in areas such as alleviating student loan debt, creating solutions-based government programs and providing better educational resources to help grads create their own jobs through entrepreneurship.

“The #FixYoungAmerica movement aims to shed light on the solutions that can help solve youth unemployment, get our young people back to work, and get these solutions into the hands of every leader and decision maker in America so we can hold them accountable,” explains YEC founder Scott Gerber. “With this rally, we hope that we will be able to recruit the great American hero, Stephen Colbert, to our cause. With his help, we believe we can get our leaders to both take notice and act, and give our nation’s students and recent graduates a much-needed ‘Colbert Bump.’”

MTV Act, which celebrates young people taking action to make things better, and mtvU, MTV’s college network, will raise awareness about the April 19th rallies and encourage college students nationwide to participate. mtvU will help spread the word to over 750 college campuses – reaching 9 million students – and MTV Act will spotlight youth who take part in the #FYA rallies. The efforts are the next in a series of YEC and MTV collaborations, and part of MTV’s growing commitment to confronting youth unemployment.


1. Visit fixyoungamerica.com/rally

2. Become a fan of the #FYA campaign on Facebook.

3. Tweet Stephen Colbert:  “Dear @ColbertReport @StephenAtHome: I am #FixYoungAmerica and so can you. Join our rally on 300+ college campuses: http://bit.ly/GVcs7Y.”

4. Join the rally’s Street Team by texting "FixYoungAmerica" to 82257 on your phone. Campaign organizers will send you realtime updates about how to support #FYA while on the go.