Get Your Debate BINGO On

October 16, 2012

The 2012 elections will have a major impact on the issues we care about—from education reform to health care, college affordability, and the shape of social programs, to name just a few.  So far, we’re not hearing enough from either candidate about his stance on child and youth issues. Several state advocacy organizations—along with national organizations like SparkAction and our partners—are working to change that with nonpartisan efforts to get the candidates to talk about kids and #talkpoverty.

Two state groups and a national group are putting the fun back into this critically important quest for information and details we can use to hold officials accountable:

ZERO to THREE has created Presidential bingo: Infant-Toddler Edition that focuses on pertinent issues for early care and seeing if the candidates "Rock the Cradle" by mentioning:

Child welfare, Relationship building, Affordable and accessible health care, Developmental and family supports, Language and early literacy, or Early learning. Download their bingo card here (PDF).


Check out Voices for Virginia’s Children’s tip sheet on making kids an election priority, complete with a BINGO card (PDF) for the debates with categories such as grandparents, equity, Head Start, early intervention, behavioral health, healthy foods, community, school, college, and much more. State’s Children’s Alliance is hosting an in-person debate watch and BINGO game during tonight’s town hall debate. Check it out!