Good News Nuggets: Success Stories on Children's Issues and Programs 2012

February 2, 2012

In the Fall of 2011 we detected some fresh breezes blowing in the world of non profit communication. We had been very pleased with the recognition given our 2010-11 national research. (Messaging to Mobilize Support for Children's Issues). But the concerted action --the collaborations--the energy--desperately needed from grantmakers to close the gap between good outcomes being achieved by their grantees in community-based initiatives, and the messaging required to win leader support and funding for sustainability and future growth, continues to lag.

Let me put it this way! Melinda and Bill Gates get it! If you want sustainability in the child-youth-family field, you must tell success stories. Not just individual anecdotes about individual kids or families, but the kind of storytelling that demonstrates how building better lives for young people strengthens the communities in which they live.

That's why, when you read our carefully researched success stories--and our updates to those narratives-- you will always find demonstrations of impact and outcomes for the community at large.Our National research showed that "building a strong community" was always a key motivator.

We launch "Good News Nuggets on Children's Issues and Programs 2012" with just 3 short references--plus links to recent "fresh breeze" stories in 2012.

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  3. Ready by 21 attendees Swap Success Stories at Regional Meetings: New Sweet Spot in Messaging

This was originally published by Child Advocacy 360. It is reprinted here with permission.

Hershel Sarbin