Grant Alert: Innovative Youth Program Evaluation Grants

April 11, 2011

The Ruddie Memorial Youth Foundation is accepting applications for
evaluation grants from nonprofit organizations with innovative youth
programs (birth to 25 years of age) in the greater metropolitan areas of
Baltimore, Boston, Madison, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and
Washington, D.C.

Grants are designed to fund the evaluation of innovative youth
programs or services with the purpose of identifying which are most
effective. As the purpose of these grants is to identify effective
innovations in the field, RMYF will not fund the evaluation of programs
that are not innovative; applicants that use traditional approaches to
serving youth are asked to seek funding from sources that fund such
approaches. In addition to learning about the effectiveness of their
approach, grant recipients are expected to use evaluation results to
improve their services and possibly replicate the program. 

Deadline is July 27.  Click the link below for the necessary application forms.