Grant: Sara Lee Foundation Grants

September 8, 2010

The Sara Lee Foundation supports nonprofit organizations with clearly defined missions and programs addressing the following areas: food related programs (including food insecurity, nutrition education, and healthy and active lifestyles), women's self-sufficiency programs, and diversity through highly visible cultural programs.

Amount: Award amounts vary.
Eligibility: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations whose mission addresses one of the Foundation's focus areas are eligible to apply. Preference is given to organizations located in and serving communities where Sara Lee has a facility.
Deadline: Rolling



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hi sara lee thank you very much for the work you are doing please keep it up

Does the Sara Lee Foundation support projects that enhance and improve both the facilities and programs for Nutrition and Wellness Department initiatives?

I would like to submit a proposal for funding for our Obesity & Nutrition Project in Chicago, we would be partnering with the Dept. of Human Services, would like to submit a request for support but can not find the grant application

Does Sara Lee Foundation support students that need grants to help them through college?

Request for US-450,000
A Brief description:
Kivandeni Orphan Children Rehabilitation Centre is a community based organization addressing the underlying causes of poverty and injustice to the poor societies in Kenya. Was founded in 2003 by social and local community women health workers. KOCRC is a non-profit making, non-political, non-governmental, Christian rehabilitation organization for Orphan/street children, orphaned, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected children regardless of their religion, sex, color or tribe, who have nowhere to call home and no one to care for them. KOCRC seeks out, rescues and rehabilitates street children for behavior formation and transformation and provides a family environment where they can reform and get the necessary skills in order to be independent and valuable contributors to the communities and largely the country’s economic development.
Kivandeni Orphan Children Rehabilitation Centre (KOCRC) is a duly registered Christian Children Charitable Organization under The Children’s Act 2001 (Cap 586, Laws of Kenya). KOCRC functional Mission and Vision is to reach out, rescue, rehabilitate, protect, and care for the less fortunate and vulnerable children in the community. Each Year KOCRC becomes a home and a hope to street children, orphans, abandoned, abused, HIV & AIDS affected and infected, desperate and neglected children regardless of their religion, sex, color or tribe, who have nowhere to call home and no one to care for them.
For the last 13 years, KOCRC has grown to be one of the largest children’s foster care program,rescue, rehabilitation and development organization’s not only in Lower Eastern province of Kenya, but also in Coast Province of Kenya today managing several integrated children programs comprising of: formally registered learning and training centers; sustainability agricultural projects; environmental conservation, Health care projects and development projects especially in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation; and supporting community education and development initiatives. KOCRC has been delivering the liberating good news of hope and services to the vulnerable children and the community, setting them free from the stain and pain of their past and building self reliant, independent professionals and development facilitators, successful families as well as missionaries serving in government and different child rehabilitation ministries in Kenya
Vision Statement:
To see children, youth and the marginalized members of society leading a dignified livelihood.
Mission Statement:
To follow Jesus Christ in transforming the lives of Children, youth and marginalized members of society.
Core Values:
1. Unconditional love: – Being able to express love to each and every person in the KOCRC fraternity
2. Character development: – Building the character of the child, the youth and the marginalized.
3. Committed to service: - promote beneficiaries’ welfare
4. Humanity: – Seek out holistic care of the marginalized members of the society and children
5. Integrity: – We believe in our word matching up our works.
6. Transparency / Openness: – We believe in maximizing transparency so we could build and
7. Professionalism: – We believe in striving for higher levels of performance standards in what we do.
8. Trustworthiness: – We believe in fulfilling our obligation of building a better society for future generations
9. Accountability: – We believe in making commitments and living up to them
10. Courage of conviction
Strategic Objectives:
1. Rescue, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children in need of Care and protection
2. Internal efficiency and effectiveness (Organizational Development)
3. Resource Mobilization for Sustainability
4. Work towards advocacy and information sharing for Sustained awareness
5. Community Empowerment programmes
6. Full participation in great Commission of Jesus Christ (Missions)
7. Networking and Capacity building
Specific Objectives:
1. To provide an alternative home for secure residence and stabilizing family love alongside spiritual nourishment, counseling, guidance and Christian teaching.
2. To establish and maintain a comprehensive feeding and medical care programs to provide the children with the physiological needs as a prerequisite to their rehabilitation.
3. To provide basic and advanced literacy skills in conformity with the Ministry of Education’s 8-4-4 system of education or any other approved system by the Ministry.
4. To offer vocational skills training in various trades to complement formal education and to equip the beneficiaries with lucrative skills for resource exploitation and future self reliance.
5. To rehabilitate the children morally through character behaviour transformation with the view of reuniting them with their respective families and those who have no parents to enable them articulate themselves comfortably within the society and the economy.
6. To integrate and mainstream environmental conservation and HIV/AIDS programmes into all the internal and external activities of the Kivandeni Orphan Children Rehabilitation Centre.
7. To create a humble and acceptable culture among the rescued children through guidance and counseling, promotion of sporting activities for effective socialization to the general public as well as sustenance of Christian outreach programs through gospel music, poetry, drama and testimonies.
8. To promote community education and empowerment in community health, subsistence agriculture and income generation to provide safety nets for children and improve best practices in child protection.
Target groups:
KOCRC mainly targets the following groups to provide rescue and rehabilitation services:
Street children, Orphaned children. Abandoned children, Abused Children (physical or sexual)
Children from juvenile remand homes and government rehabilitation centers. Child laborers
Children with physical disabilities, destitute children. Child mothers, Ex-Commercial sex workers
HIV/AIDS infected and affected children
Additionally, KOCRC implements programmes aimed at upgrading the living conditions of widows living in rural Kenya.
KOCRC runs different projects at its sites. These projects are aimed at fostering the rehabilitation of the children as well as the development of the communities around.
KOCRC runs different projects at its sites. These projects are aimed at fostering the rehabilitation of the children as well as the development of the communities around
Rescue and Rehabilitated, Education and training, Health care, Councelling, Vocational training, Sustainable Projects, Climate change mitigation and Adaptation, Community Out reach Development
Contact person:
Mr. Justus Sune
Executive Director
P.O. Box 415-00300 Nairobi - Kenya
Mobile : +254723-204830 / 0720-700983

Greeting, and to whom it may concern,
My name is Frank J. Aguilar, former Illinois Legislator, and currently on the Board of Trustees as Board Secretary for Morton College. I am reaching out to The Sara Lee Foundation asking for information regarding any educational grants the college can apply for in the area of art, culture, nursing, or Hispanic/ Latinos studies. Morton College students demographics is 80% Hispanic/Latino and 20% other with a growing student body of African-American students. The college is looking to seek new funding resources to meet the demands of our students, and community. I look forward to any information leading to become a education partner with Sara Lee in enhancing our students education and helping the succeed in their future. Thank you for your interest, and accommodation.
Kindest regards,
Frank J. Aguilar
Board Secretary
Morton Community College