VIDEO: Hanging Out with a New Kind of NYC Gang

August 27, 2013

Watch the full Hangout session here:

This live group video-chat featured staff members from the Save Our Streets Crown Heights Mediation Center in New York City—a program modeled after the successful Cure Violence (previously CeaseFire) program in Chicago.

Chatting with journalist Clay Duda, SparkAction and the Juvenile Justice Exchange, this lively conversation discussed how the program works to approach violence as a public health issue, the importance of the youth component and what other cities and localities can learn and start from Save Our Streets Crown Heights.


Moderated by Katy McCarthy, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange & Alison Waldman, SparkAction

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Meet NYC’s new kind of gang for good on the streets of NYC




Why Don&;t Top Oregon Law Enforcement Officials Protect The Lives Of All Oregonians?

An Open Letter to all Oregonians

Not one law enforcement bureau in the nations 19,000 + federal to American Native Bureaus have any specific, clear procedures, training nor accountability when officers see officers start to violate a persons rights with unjustified use of deadly physical force.

How can that be in Oregon, as it took several years of research and investigations to reveal that fact just stated, when the Oregon Senate Bill 111 Law Enforcement Use Of Deadly Physical Force was passed and signed by Governor Ted Kulongoski in 2007 mandated to be in full force July 1, 2008 with our program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement with all three major steps included?

Thanks to thousands of Oregonians that took the action we requested to contact six top officials and demand they start the program or RESIGN TODAY, three superintendents of Oregon State Police resigned from 2006 to 2010, the director of Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, the last Police Chief of Portland Police Bureau and the last Oregon Attorney General before he completed his first term all resigned.

The very first top official here named now, Ronald C. Ruecker Superintendent Oregon State Police stated in The Oregonian Newspaper for the good of members, family and the public I resign on Dec. 1, 2006. That was a forced worded statement as we requested they change their procedures and training from, a trooper must assist in the arrest and report the incident up the chain of command, when a trooper sees a trooper repeatedly beat/kick a restrained person, to our mandate that the trooper must stop the offending officer and report it. We were told they made the changes, but that became a false statement when we received a cover letter and police use excessive force data. only after we contacted the governor, then the Oregon Attorney General and all legislators in both houses did we receive a letter direct from Ruecker stating, we do not have what you are looking for. In March 2006 we sent Ruecker&;s immediate superior, the governor a final determination letter demanding Ruecker be demoted to a non-leadership position IF he places a emergency public notice in our state newspaper that all law enforcement bureaus in Oregon must change their procedures and training or the top official will receive the same results that he did receive. Ruecker failed to make any change and the governor failed to fire Ruecker as he failed to place the notice within 30 days of our letter in March and just six months later James Chasse Jr. was killed by Portland Police Bureau by beating/kicking him to death as Chasse may have urinated in public. We charged Rucker contributed to Chasse&;s death and now three law suits against Ruecker of which he lost all three cases,and he replied to me after I called him that, how do you justify it, and he said."I DON&;T HAVE TO." The first top official that is above all laws.

May we PLEASE put out another request to you to contact one, some or all the following top law enforcement officials to again either &;start the program or RESIGN TODAY&; to save thousands of lives nationwide and millions of dollars of tax payers funds for each litigation, and remember we are paying for their high wages and we are not getting protection for it when it really counts?

John Kitzhaber-Governor 503.378.3111 This is located in Salem dial # 1 first.
Ellen F. Rosenblum Oregon Attorney General 503.378.4400 This is located in Salem dial # 1 first.
Eric Gabliks Director Department Public Safety Standards and Training 503.378.2332
Charlie Hales Mayor/Police Commissioner City of Portland 503.823.4120
Michael Reese Portland Police Chief 503.823.0000 When automated message starts press # 8
Richard Evans Superintendent Oregon State Police 503.378.3720 This is located in Salem dial # 1 first.
Eric H. Holder United States Attorney General 202.514.2001 This is located in Washington, D.C. dial # 1 first.

We have sent dozens of letters some U.S.P.O. Certified with signed receipt returned to us that Holder is up to date on all of the above not one reply to us to fire Ruecker in his current position, F.B.I. Assistant Director Office Law Enforcement Coordination and Ruecker is on a fast track to be Director of F.B.I..

Did the new top law enforcement officials replacements learn anything from the six officials forced resignations? Government officials move at a snails pace as they think that no one can force them to be law abiding as that is only for the private working class.

For those that are not aware of our past work please Google:

1. Program, Truly Reforming Law Enforcement

2. Rise In Police Brutality USA TODAY NEWSPAPER Dec. 18, 2007

3. Jerry Atlansky Oregon Senate Bill 111 Law Enforcement Use Of Deadly Physical Force

In the only section for preventive policing the bill mandates police be educated and trained, the following section deals with the aftermath, so no other plan or program was submitted with this most important legislation.

Please read our second website which confirms our only goal is to assist people with their most basic needs: Dignity & Dining

May we partner together to change the current worse state with Chicago The Murder Capital Of The Nation with over 500 gun murders which is several times higher than New York City per population size, in all of 2012 to the Safest Nation in The World?

"The duty of a patriot is to protect their country from its government." Tomas Paine (1737-1809)

Only LOVE shall prevail,

Jerry Atlansky, Founder/Chairperson
United States Police/Oregon State Police-
Independent Citizens Review Board
Portland, Oregon 97213

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