Helping Schools & Communities Address Crises

October 30, 2012

When a community or school faces an emergency -- whether it's a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake, or a tragedy like a suicide, violence or fire -- young people need support for their reactions. Common responses include fear, grief, guilt or even post traumatic stress syndrome.

For children, youth (as with adults), these experiences can threaten their sense of worth and well-being and can produce the type of intense personal turmoil that could lead to thoughts about hurting themselves or others.

The following links, collected by the UCLA Center on Mental Health in Schools, provide a variety of resources and materials for use in crisis prevention and response in schools, and in communities.

An additional useful tip: the United Way has a national 211 hotline for updated information about evacuations, water safety and other local alerts and resources. 

Resources Related to Hurricane Response and its Aftermath

Some Quick Aids

For other general guides for helping kids and youth deal with trauma - including terrorist attacks - in Beyond 9/11: Helping Children and Youth Cope with Trauma.