How Does the Federal Budget Impact Children & Young People?

A SparkAction Summary
May 24, 2017

The federal budget matters to our neighborhoods and the well-being of babies, children and young people. Not only is it a pretty telling blueprint of what we prioritize and value (or don't) as a nation, but it matters in real terms too. Federal spending supports our libraries, schools, child care and afterschool programs, health care and many other vital services. Decisions about federal investment determine the effectiveness — and even the very existance — of key services in every community.


Where can you find credible, accessible and nonpartisan information to help you understand what’s at stake and take action? Here are the best places to start.

#HandsOFF Led by the Center for American Progress, the HandsOff campaign is tracking the federal budget’s impact on social programs, including those for children and young people. They have a round-up of the impact of the president’s proposed budget on working families (it includes data by Congressional district). Check out the social media campaign and easy-to-use resources, as well! You can even share your story.

Center on Budget & Policy Priorities: Federal Budget Tracker CBPP tracks and analyzes budget and policy data on the full range of social services, including those designed to improve the lives of children and young people. A definite go-to for all things budget-related.

Children’s Leadership Council: Round-Up of Impact Analyses The Children’s Leadership Council, a coalition of 50 of the leading national child-focused organizations, is tracking analyses of how the current federal budget proposals would impact babies, children and young people. It’s being updated daily.

First Focus Federal Budget Tracker First Focus is a national advocacy initiative working to increase federal investment in effective supports and services for children and young people. In this interactive section, you’ll find accessible information, detailed analyses of fiscal proposals from a children’s perspective, an annual Children’s Budget, and recommendations for policy solutions to ensure that children are a priority in the federal budget.

Coalition on Human Needs A national initiative to monitor federal investment and policy and help ensure that all people have the building blocks of a decent life: health care, lifelong education, opportunities to work, income supplements when work is not possible, and affordable necessities, including food, housing, and caregiving for children, seniors, and people with disabilities.

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